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Prompt: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

Jason Morgan prided himself on being a very patient man. He had developed and cultivated the capacity to wait, and wait, and wait until the exact moment when the opportunity presented itself, when it was time to complete the present task at hand. Until today.

Today he couldn't seem to relax. Yet, the prospect of losing his cool at this moment was not one that he relished or took lightly, for that matter. And the most frustrating thing was that, the harder he tried, the more uptight he became. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, the mob enforcer now mob king of Port Charles decided the best way to alleviate his frayed nerves was to go to a place that would calm and soothe the otherwise escalating tension throughout his body. And it was no surprise where those thoughts started and ended - with one Elizabeth Imogene Webber.

And, even though, usually, Jason's mind wasn't equipped to conjure up images, all rules failed when it came to Elizabeth.

Jason could remember, like it was yesterday, the first time he truly became acquainted with the brunette beauty. It was at Jakes so long ago. She was so lost and alone, sad but also angry, angry for so many things. He found in her a fiery passion that rivaled his own. It was that passion that lured him to the petite enchantress, an allure that held his attention all night long. And, later that evening, after their first motorcycle ride, Jason began to catch a glimpse of not only Elizabeth's outer beauty but of her inner beauty as well.

The next vivid image Jason recalled instantly put a flirty twinkle in his cerulean blue eyes and a slow developing smirk along those soft, captivating lips. The lady in question had been wearing a red top with red chunky heels, and the sound of those heels clamoring along the dock steps and then, additionally, on the pier, reverberated through Jason's ears like a drum welcoming him home despite all the time that had passed since that moment. But, before he even had a chance to process the blur that flashed before his eyes, Jason had felt two very small, very enthusiastic arms wrap forcefully around his neck, and, all of a sudden, a feeling of warmth had encased his entire being. The usually stoic, emotionless male instinctively had returned the embrace with as much enthusiasm as given from the attractive female before him, and a smile, one that very few had ever witnessed from said Jason Morgan, had formed on his face.

Jason's next recollection was not one that held as much warmth as the others, well, at least, of the emotional kind. It was Valentine's Day 2001 and, thinking back, Jason could still feel the smoke within his lungs as if the fire was around him that very instant. He could recall gazing up as he brought Sonny out of the warehouse and locking eyes with Elizabeth as the white roses she held released from her grasp and cascaded down her body to her feet. It was in that moment when he saw, uncensored, the love he suspected laid beneath the surface behind Elizabeth's usually guarded sapphire orbs. But the joy he had felt was quickly extinguished, quicker than the fire behind him, as he watched Lucky guide her away from the scene without any resistance on her part. How he had wished Elizabeth had run to him in that moment, like Carly had Sonny, but it was not to be, and, as much as Jason didn't indulge in the 'what ifs'... sometimes his thoughts would drift to that place and wonder how things might have been different if she had.

Yet, in a year and a half's time, that feeling of emptiness, of loneliness, Jason had felt that Valentine's Day had turned to elation when, in September of 2002, in his penthouse, Elizabeth finally said the words Jason had waited three years to hear: "Jason, you're the one I want to be with." The usually non-visual Jason Morgan could clearly conjure up Elizabeth's sweet, angelic face in that very moment - the vulnerability, the desire, and the hope that, finally, they would get it right, that neither of them would run away from their feelings this time. But, again, life got in the way, or more accurately Jason's decision not to tell Elizabeth about Sonny's death got in the way, and they had ended up further away from each other than they had been before her beautiful confession.

Still, no matter what the obstacle life had thrown at them, Elizabeth had always been the one person Jason knew he could and would always be able to count on. Oh, there had been times when he never thought the two of them would ever get back to that place of trust and affection, but all that fear and doubt changed the night of the blackout in August of 2006. So many things about that night constantly came to his mind, but the clearest one of all the memories was how utterly breathtaking and captivating Elizabeth had been after they had made love for the very first time. Jason had wandered into the kitchen to retrieve some much needed water, venturing away from their previous encounter with tequila, but, upon returning to the living room, the sight of Elizabeth naked, wrapped in a blanket, on his couch, had knocked all the air right out of his lungs. He wasn't even sure how he had managed to walk let alone speak when all he could think about was just how gorgeous she truly was.

Jason couldn't remember Elizabeth looking more beautiful until the night Jake was born. Admiring his son as he rested in his bassinette in Elizabeth's hospital room and then taking his son in his arms with the greatest of care and handing him to his mother…. To have been able to share that moment with the woman he had always loved had been the greatest gift possible. Jason thought nothing could compare to that, but, once more, he had been wrong.

April of 2008, the day he asked Elizabeth to marry him for the third time, had been permanently etched in his mind for all eternity - how bright her eyes had become, how her smile lit up his world and his desolate heart. And, not only did her face light up like the Christmas tress she so loves to decorate, but so did Jason's. Never before had he felt such joy in a singular moment. Elizabeth Imogene Webber had said YES! Yes, three little letters that held the key to his heart. However, tragedy had struck just moments later, and Port Charles' proclaimed 'bad boy' hadn't been able to imagine ever feeling such elation again.

As his thoughts continued to drift, Jason realized Elizabeth, in her own unique way, had calmed him like no one else. Her presence, even though he craved it like no other, wasn't needed to soothe him, just the memories and visions Jason carried with him always were able to sedate the nervous energy he had been previously experiencing only just moments before. As he gazed up to complete the task he had so long waited for, Jason knew nothing would compare to the sight before him. There she was, the woman who dominated his every hope and dream, the one he knew would always have his heart, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. She was about to take a walk down the aisle at St Timothy's church to finally become Mrs. Jason Morgan, and nothing could compare to that. The realization took his breath away.
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