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Elizabeth couldn't believe it. Well, she never would have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own two eyes. There was Jason Morgan, enforcer of the Port Charles mafia, standing in the middle of the Quatermaine's ballroom, with a lacy blue garter in his graceful yet masculine hand. That little piece of fabric seemed so out of place wrapped around his fingers. Yet, as Elizabeth tried not to stare, she couldn't deny as she held Emily's beautiful red rose bouquet how right it looked as well.

Then he turned and looked at her, with that sexy half grin and his beautiful cerulean eyes. It was a look that always, no matter how much time she had seen it, made her feel weak in the knees with roller coaster flip flops somersaulting in her stomach. God, would that feeling ever go away when it came to Jason Morgan? Unfortunately, for Elizabeth, she knew that wasn't in her near future. So, she did the only thing she knew to calm her nerves: she smiled and then looked away, worried that, if she kept looking at him, he would read her mind and realize she was actually secretly excited that Jason, and not Lucky, had caught the garter.

Jason wasn't sure what just happened here. One minute he was playfully arguing with Sam about drinking and dancing, something he was hoping to avoid at all costs, and, the next thing he knew, he had this flimsy piece of fabric wrapped around his hands, a piece of fabric, he realized, that had just moments ago been wrapped around his sister's thigh. So not a welcoming thought.

To redirect his thoughts Jason automatically turned towards Elizabeth, beautiful Elizabeth, always having this magnetic pull on his being, modest Elizabeth who would never realize just how gorgeous she truly was. Red was always such a beautiful color on her, but Jason had always preferred her hair down versus up in those fancy styles. Nothing was better than a carefree Elizabeth, letting her guard down and feeling like she could conquer the world. Jason knew he needed to keep his thoughts in check. After all, he and Elizabeth had just recently gotten to a better place, slowly revitalizing their friendship. He couldn't, and wouldn't, ruin it with his deep rooted feelings that never seemed to quite go away when it came to the spitfire, pixie brunette. But, even so, he couldn't stop himself from wondering what it would feel like to pull that pearl comb from the confines of her hair, letting it free, and feeling his fingers run through those soft, chocolate tresses.

However, Jason didn't have too much time to dwell on his wandering thoughts of Elizabeth, because, no sooner had he caught the garter, did he hear someone announce for the gentleman who caught the garter…. Gentleman? Who did this guy think he was? …And the lovely woman who had caught the bouquet…. Now, that they could agree on. …To come to the center of the dance floor.

Suddenly, Jason felt the whole room looking at him. Not just looking, but gawking, wondering if he was going to bolt at any second. And, as much as the idea appealed to him, he would never have done that to Emily... or to Elizabeth. This was his little sister's night, not his, so, if this was something she wanted him to do in order to continue with her traditional wedding reception, then he would do it. Plus, the idea of dancing with Elizabeth because he had to greatly appealed to him.

Elizabeth was now shocked again for the second time in a matter of five minutes. Not only did Jason Morgan catch the garter at his sister's wedding, but he was actually walking onto the dance floor as tradition dictated to dance with her. Elizabeth wasn't sure how she willed her feet to move to meet Jason at the center of the ballroom floor. As he watched her approach, her legs, again, began to feel like jelly.

Come on, Webber. Get it together. This is just Jason. You can do this. You've danced with Jason before.

Yeah, well, that was a long time ago… when they were "just friends" and she was trying to forget about Lucky. This, this was something completely different. Then Elizabeth thought to herself, I can do this. I'm grown woman, an independent woman, with a career and a child; I'm not this silly little girl with a school girl crush, as Carly liked to call it, anymore. God, I do not need to be thinking about Carly right now. I just need to concentrate, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. See, that's not so hard. Please, God, don't let me fall, step on his feet, tear my dress. It's, just one dance; it's just one, teeny-tiny, little, innocent, inconsequential, won't mean anything dance that will be over before it even begins.

On second thought, she wasn't too sure how she felt about her little pep talk.

In a matter of seconds, though, during which, to Elizabeth, felt like forever, they had reached each other at the center of the ballroom at the same time, all eyes focused on them. Elizabeth, out of the corner of her eye, saw Sam placing one hand on her hip, while the other hand raised her glass of champagne to her lips to take one very big and unladylike gulp. She looked annoyed. Well, let her be annoyed. This was her chance to dance with Jason, without making excuses or feeling guilty about it, and, damn it, she was going to enjoy it.

However, while Elizabeth was noticing Sam, Jason, with his sixth sense, could feel Lucky boring holes into his back. He didn't need to take his eyes off Elizabeth, and, in fact, didn't want to. Plus, he already knew the look that Lucky was giving him. Well, let the little prick glare, Jason mused silently, smugly to himself. This was his chance to dance with Elizabeth. Wedding tradition circumstances may have precipitated their dance, but Jason was going to take full advantage of it and enjoy every possible, glorious moment of having Elizabeth Webber willingly in his arms.

When Jason raised his hands to take Elizabeth's, he heard her say, "You really don't have to do this if you don't want to. I know this isn't really your thing."

Not wanting to give away any feelings that may have been surfacing, Jason responded, "I don't mind… unless you do." Scratching at the back of his neck, he added, "uh, it's for Emily, though, right?"

"Right, for Emily."

As Jason gently took Elizabeth into his arms, he clasped her right hand in his left and placed it over his heart, while his right wrapped around her tiny waist, pulling her close, closer then Elizabeth thought he would. But, without even thinking, Elizabeth wrapped her left hand around his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, and proceeded to pull herself even closer.

Silently, Jason groaned, relishing the feeling of Elizabeth Webber in his arms. Jason wasn't a religious man, and he certainly didn't live his life accordingly, but he was thankful for that moment and prayed… to whomever or whatever might be listening… that it would last, that this heavenly feeling wouldn't go away.

Elizabeth could feel her heart rate start to increase, and she was amazed her heart hadn't jumped out of her chest for as fast as it was beating. Jason surely heard it. God, she hoped not, though. He couldn't know the effect he still had over her. He just couldn't, for that knowledge never amounted to anything and only seemed to lead them both to heart break. So, with that knowledge firmly embedded in her mind, she reminded herself to just enjoy the moment for as long as it lasted because who knew if the opportunity would ever come knocking at her door again.

It seemed as though, no sooner had their dance started, that it was abruptly, rudely being interrupted.

There was a large, embarrassingly loud crash, and, reluctantly, Jason stepped slightly away from Elizabeth to turn and see what had occurred. What he saw made his shoulder's drop and a huge sigh escape from his lips. Sam had just crashed into the dessert cart, knocking over plate after plate of expensive desserts all over the Quatermanine's floor and her dress.

With regret in his eyes, Jason turned back to Elizabeth, holding both of her petite hands in his. "I have to go."

Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, all Elizabeth could do was shrug her shoulders and nod her head, hoping the gestures came across as nonchalant as she had planned them to be.

And, then, Jason was gone, moving quickly across the dance floor to Sam, pulling her up into his strong, capable arms, and leading her out the door, quickly glancing at Emily and mouthing "I'm sorry," over his shoulder as he left.

In hindsight, it was probably a good thing that Jason had been forced to leave. Elizabeth soon realized that she had gotten caught up in the moment, and, when it came to Jason Morgan, that never ended well. But, just once, she wished things could have been different.

Walking over towards Emily where she was speaking with Nicholas, she was intercepted by her brother Stephen.

"Elizabeth, I hate to do this to you, but the hospital just called. They need me to go in for an emergency surgery. A 6 car pileup on route 81. I won't be able to take you home."

"That's okay, Stephen; I understand. You know I promised Emily I would help the Quatermaine's cleanup, though, and make sure no gifts were confiscated, but I have a change of clothes here from earlier when we were getting ready for the wedding, and, if it gets too late and I'm tired, I can always crash here in Emily's room. The Quatermaines won't mind."

"Are you sure, because I can always come back when I'm done?"

"No, don't do that. I'm sure you'll be tired. Just head home afterwards, and I'll catch up with you tomorrow." Elizabeth then gave her brother a hug and watched as he turned to leave the house.

From behind her, she heard the bride's voice. "So where was Stephen off to?"

Elizabeth just smiled when she looked at Emily, awed by how beautiful her best friend looked. "To the hospital for an emergency surgery."

Without even giving her a moment to adjust in the rapidly shifting conversation, Elizabeth felt the brunette beside her poking her in the arm. Emily had the biggest, widest, most mischievous grin on her glowing face; in fact, she looked like the cat that had just eaten the canary. "So, what was up with that dance with Jason?" Wigging her eyebrows, the bride pressed, "that was kind of… fortuitous. And hot."

Quickly avoiding the question with her own retort, Elizabeth ignored her best friend's thinly veiled innuendos. "Yeah, I know. Can you believe it? He actually willingly got up and danced in a room full of people. Of course, we both know Jason did that for you. He would never disappoint you, no matter what, especially on your wedding day."

"Mm hmm. So that's what it was, him not wanting to disappoint his little sister?" Elizabeth saw the challenge transparently, unabashedly on display in Emily's eyes.

Scoffing, the maid of honor replied dismissively, wanting to avoid any more conversation concerning the enforcer they both knew and… cared for. "Of course. What else would it be?" Hastily changing the subject, she asked, "now, shouldn't we be getting you ready to say your final goodbyes?"


Two hours later, Elizabeth was finally ready to call a cab and go home. After removing her red dress and releasing her hair from the confines of her elaborate updo, she stood, finally catching her breath after a very exhausting, emotionally draining, but all together glorious day, changing quickly into a more comfortable pair of well worn jeans, boots, and green pull over sweater. The day had been a huge success, and she knew her best friends' wedding would be one as well.

Wistfully, she thought of Emily, off on her honeymoon with the man of her dreams, and it gave her hope. Well, not with Lucky, of course, for he didn't take seeing her dance with Jason too well, claiming he noticed the looks that had passed between them, but that was typical Lucky, always drawing the wrong conclusions and speaking out about something he knew nothing about and was none of his business. So, soon after Emily and Nicolas had made their grand exit, so did he, scrimping on his best man duties and leaving all of the cleanup to her and the hired Quartermaine staff. But his reaction wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Elizabeth had toyed with the idea of pursuing a relationship with Lucky again, thinking it might be good for her and Cameron, but, true to form, Lucky made it impossible for her to love him again. While she still might love the memory of that young teenage boy from her past, that boy was gone, along with the fantasies she had once entertained of having a life with him. But watching Emily and Nicolas gave her hope, gave her hope that the right man was out there for her and, maybe, one day soon, he would show himself, and they, too, could ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

And that was what Elizabeth was thinking about as she walked into the study to use the desk phone. In fact, it had been the only thing on her mind since the wedding reception had come to a close hours before. Just as she was moving to grab the receiver, she heard the patio doors open. Turning quickly and lifting a startled hand to her chest to slow her again racing heart, she smiled at the person who had managed to sneak up upon her.

"Jason, what are you doing back here?"

Embarrassed at getting caught, Jason stared at Elizabeth like a deer caught in headlights, a slight blush heating his ears. Raising his right hand to tug on the reddening appendage, he muttered, "uh, I left something here. Sam's passed out at the penthouse, so I thought I'd sneak back in while everyone's asleep. I didn't think anyone would still be up. Taking a deep breath, for, typically, he didn't say that much at once, the blonde screwed his brow up quizzically. "What are you still doing here?" And, as he spoke, he awkwardly placed both hands in his pockets, willing himself not to give into the urge to touch her.

Elizabeth nervously tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, uneasy about being alone with Jason for the first time in a very long time and remembering their almost dance from early. "Well, I promised Emily and the Quatermaines I would help clean up, and I was just about to call a cab when you came in. What did you forget? Maybe I can help you find it."

It was now Jason's turn to be embarrassed as he quickly moved one of his hands out of his pocket and reached around to rub the back of his neck. Elizabeth just stared at his moving hand, recalling how, just hours before, she had been doing the exact same thing, running her long, slender fingers through the hair on Jason's nape, and wishing she still was. Self-conscious at where her thoughts were taking her, she tore her gaze away from his hand and looked at her shoes. However, Jason didn't notice because he, too, was looking down, not able to look her in the eye.

"I… um… I left the garter." With the hastily, uncomfortably whispered confession, his blush progressed from a light pink to a siren red.

Elizabeth, trying not to laugh, desperate to keep the humor out of her voice, swallowed thickly before talking. "Well, if you would like, I could help you look for it." Without meaning to and without conscious thought, she smiled that charming, pure grin that was always and only reserved for Jason.

He looked up then, seeing the humor and warmth in her beautiful sapphire eyes, and couldn't help but smirk, saying, "that would be nice."

They quickly found the garter on the hall table, probably left there by one of the staff, before leisurely wandering back together towards the Quartermaine study, their forms close but not touching as they walked in perfect sync, Jason slowing and shortening his usually long gait to accommodate her shorter legs… just like he always had done for her over the years.

"It must have fallen out of my pocket when I went to get Sam," the blonde stated, still ill at ease with getting caught on a search mission for an item no mob enforcer should care about. But, then again, nothing ever made sense while, at the same time, it was perfectly understandable nonetheless, when it came to Elizabeth Webber.

With the task at hand completed, Elizabeth once again, went to make her phone call in order to request a cab, but, before she even had her hand lifted to pick up the telephone's receiver, she felt Jason's fingers gently grabbing her wrist, stopping her movements instantly.

Softly, barely even a whisper, Jason requested, "let me take you home?"

It was then that Elizabeth's stomach once more started it's roller coaster ride, doing flip flops and cartwheels and round offs immediately at the sound of his smoothly uttered appeal, silently praying that, even though she hadn't heard its approach, that Jason had brought his motorcycle.

"Sure, I'd like that… if it's not too much trouble."

"It's not."

So, with the decision made, they both grabbed their jackets, Jason quickly noticing that Elizabeth had the leather jacket he had given her so long ago. Not drawing attention to the fact but secretly feeling a sense of pride knowing she had kept it all these years, he led them out to his motorcycle. After Jason handed Elizabeth his helmet and it was securely in place, they both swung their legs over, Elizabeth wrapping her delicate arms around his firm, strong abdomen. Without warning, the enforcer felt the warmth from Elizabeth's embrace surround him, envelop him. That warmth quickly spread, and he felt a stirring in his loins when her hot, moist breath caressed his cheek as she delicately whispered, "take the long way home, okay?"

Nodding his head, Jason started the bike, letting her know he had heard her request and would grant it, for, Jason had no problem taking the long way home… when it came to Elizabeth.

Losing themselves in the speed and the wind and the adrenaline, neither noticed how much time had actually passed as they went nowhere - fast - together. It wasn't until they had reached Vista Point and were standing at the edge, overlooking the city, watching the sun slowly start to peak out along the horizon, when they realized they had been out all night. Neither caring, they stood close to each other, but, again, not close enough to touch, a comfortable silence embracing them as they just stared at the sky and its slowly yet ever-changing colors.

Finally, Elizabeth broke the silence, commenting breathlessly, "isn't it beautiful?"

Without her noticing right away, Jason turned to look at Elizabeth, agreeing with her. "Yeah, it is."

Pivoting to face him, the young mother tried to express the joy she was feeling in that moment. "Thank you, Jason. I didn't realize how much I missed this...." Her voice trailed off, and she whisperingly confessed, "and you."

Gently cupping Elizabeth's face in his hand, rubbing his thumbs over her soft porcelain cheeks, he gazed into her beautiful, blue orbs and softly spoke. "You're welcome. I've, uh…. I've missed you, too."

Without thinking of their actions or the consequences that would accompany them, they both slowly leaned into each other, and, as their lips met, it felt like all the years they had been apart just simply washed away. Slowly, the kiss deepened, Jason opening the seam of her lips with his tongue, entering into the soft recesses of her mouth, and Elizabeth met him stroke for stroke, wrapping her arms around his neck as his hands encircled her low around her hips. Finally pulling away, they both instinctively rested their foreheads together, each trying, in vain, to decelerate their rapidly beating hearts to a normal, steady rhythm. They slowed simultaneously, always together. Jason and Elizabeth opened their eyes, sapphire on cerulean, and tried to see what the other was thinking. No words were spoken, but, in that moment, words weren't needed, and they both realized they were perfectly happy to just be.

It was Jason who spoke first the second time a comfortable silence had consumed them as he tenderly rubbed his hands up and down Elizabeth's leather encased, toned, ballerina arms. "I should probably get you home."

As Elizabeth longingly gazed into Jason's eyes, she just knew this wasn't the end but a wonderful, new beginning. So, with all the seriousness she could muster, she said, "okay, but as long as I get to steer."

Jason couldn't help himself; he started to laugh, a laugh neither of them had thought was possible from him anymore, and, with as much gravity as he could muster, he retorted back, "no way, Webber. If you want to steer, get your own bike."

And their lighthearted, playful bantering continued as they unhurriedly rambled down the path back to his motorcycle, Jason automatically reaching for and taking hold of Elizabeth's hand. Without thought, or awkwardness, or even an awareness of her actions, she accepted the gesture. It was just that delightfully simple again between them.
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