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Prompt: Oliver to Kyle on OLTL - "You know the definition of a hero. Somebody who is terrified but moves forward any way.

As Elizabeth drove along the winding road in the pouring rain, she began to think her brother must be right, she should have stayed in Shadeybrook. She had to be crazy. For what other reason would explain why she would go out on a night like this. She knew, but hated to admit it, it was all because she received a text from someone who swore never to contact her again. What could be so important that one, Jason Morgan, would ask her to meet him late in the evening at their old safe house. It was that one nagging question that forced the petite brunette to brave the early spring storm that had hit Port Charles, and go meet with the man that had plagued her existence for almost eleven years.

Thankfully, the boy's Aunt Bobbie had noticed how tired the single mother appeared, and offered to keep them for the night, long before she had received her rather cryptic, but important message from Jason. It's not like Lucky offered to help anymore, and Elizabeth was slowly learning to do things on her own, but she was smart enough to never turn down help when offered.

As she continued on her trek towards their secret dwelling, the petite brunette began to remember another night, just like this one, a couple years back after her house fire where she had hurried to meet the blond enforcer at their little hideaway, craving the safety and protection he once instilled. Sighing, she recalled how times were so different back then. It was a time when they would have done anything to be together, and now, now, they didn't even acknowledge the others presence in each others lives.

Finally, the little house came into view and Elizabeth couldn't help but feel a deep pang of sadness surround her heart as her eyes fixated on the familiar place she had once held so dear.

Shaking off her melancholy state for the single mother knew this was not a social call, Elizabeth parked her car in the garage around back and hurriedly approached the dwelling anxious to find out what Sonny's right hand man wanted, and then quickly return to her life, separate from his.

As she entered the home, the nurse immediately recognized the fact that Jason had not yet arrived. Not wishing to make herself too comfortable and begin to focus on their past and everything they shared there, Elizabeth kept her coat firmly intact, pulling it tight around her tiny pregnancy bump to ward off the evening chill that had descended upon the upstate New York area. She then anxiously headed to the window and nervously stood there watching and waiting for Jason's arrival.

Eventually, she heard the roar of his motorcycle making it's way up the narrow path, and the woman couldn't help but feel her heart rate start to increase and her breath quicken as she heard the familiar sound. She hated how weak it made her feel, but Jason Morgan would always have that affect on her. Suddenly, she saw him appear out of the darkness of the night and the butterflies she always felt when seeing the man returned in full force. Yet, as strong as those feelings were Elizabeth forced herself to push them aside and not let them overtake her, for whenever she did, it only ended in heartbreak, her heart.

Taking a deep breath, the single mother pulled her coat tighter around her frame, the chill now stronger, but it didn't now come from the weather, no, it definitely had to do with the blond man making his way to the front door. Hearing the door open and close, Elizabeth kept her eyes fixated out the window, knowing it was childish but wanting to wait for him to acknowledge her presence. Silenced continued to fill the room for several minutes. Finally she heard the creak of his leather jacket as he moved closer to her followed by the familiar soft tone of his voice reverberating around the room as she heard him whisper, "Elizabeth."

Finally turning, Elizabeth faced the one man who would always be a part of her. "Jason," she calmly replied. Then seeing the lost look in his eyes, immediately asked, "what's wrong? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Inwardly the brunette kicked herself for offering, but no matter how frustrated Jason made her, she couldn't help but be there for him, whether he accepted her assistance or not.

Hearing Jason release a deep breath, she waited for a response. After several moments, when it seemed he would continue to say nothing, his head down unable to meet her gaze, Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak and as she did she heard Jason say, "Michael's going to prison."

Her eyes softening, the brunette nodded as she replied, "I heard. I'm sorry this is happening. I know it must be very hard on you."

Hearing her compassion laced voice, Jason raised his eyes to meet her own, staring at Elizabeth for several minutes, his eyes moving up her down her body as he said, "You were always so beautiful when pregnant. I...I mean you've always been beautiful, but you glow when a life is growing inside you."

A blush forming on her cheeks, it was Elizabeth's turn to lower her gaze embarrassed and confused by the compliment. Keeping her eyes focus downward the petite brunette whispered, "thank you." Then suddenly realizing she didn't want to discuss her or her pregnancy, asked, "Jason why did you want to see me?"

Rubbing his hand along the back of his neck, Jason said, "I...," blowing out a breath he tried to start over. "I am going to be making a deal with the Federal Prosecutor tonight, to go to prison to protect Michael."

"Okay," Elizabeth responded, "but what does that have to do with me?" Shaking her head realizing how contrite that sounded said, " I'm sorry I don't mean to sound rude, Jason, but I, of all people, know you will do whatever it is to protect Michael."

Nervously, placing both hands in his jean's pockets Jason said, "I..I just wanted you to know in case Jake or...or you need anything. I didn't...."

Elizabeth than raised her hand, interrupting his speech and said, "Again Jason, I don't mean to be rude, but Jake doesn't know you and won't even know you are gone. So, honestly if he, or I, need anything, you don't need to worry about it. You go do what you need to do to protect Michael."

Opening his mouth to respond, Jason's phone started to ring. The blond enforcer checked the caller id before looking at Elizabeth and saying, "I'm sorry. I need to take this."

The brunette shrugged her shoulders in response, without words, telling him to go ahead and take the call, but also listened as he spoke.

"Yes Diane. I know. I'm sorry I just had something I needed to take care of. I'll be there soon."

Watching him hang up the phone, Elizabeth asked, "you need to go?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry. They're waiting for me now at the PCPD."

Waving her hand in response Elizabeth said, "Just go Jason. We are going to be...." but just as she was about to finish her sentence, the brunette's phone rang. Looking down and seeing it was her grandmother, Elizabeth quickly answered her phone. "Bobbie, what's wrong. Wait....what?" Okay I'll be there as soon as I can...please tell my baby I love him."

And as she hung up, Jason quickly asked, "Is everything okay."

Not even glancing at the man, Elizabeth quickly headed for the front door, but as she made her way over the brunette felt a pain in her stomach and bent over by the sheer force of it.

"Are you okay?" She heard Jason ask as he ran over to help her help.

Brushing away his help and concern, Elizabeth stood up, grimacing but shaking off the extreme discomfort she felt, and again hurriedly made her way to the exit of the home. "I'm fine Jason. I need to go. Jake's been in an accident. I...I need to get to General Hospital," turning back as she opened the door, the brunette took one last look at the man that held her heart, but would never fully realize it and said, "you go Jason and take care of your family. I need to go take care of mine. See yo.....goodbye, Jason."

And as the door to the safe house closed, the locks clicking into place, Jason heard his own phone go off again - a text. Glancing at his phone he saw it was from Diane. Opening the message Jason looked down at the words: WHERE R U!?!
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