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Elizabeth sat rocking Jake in the rocking chair. After two days he had finally been found after Alexis had gotten enough clues from talking to an inebriated Sam. The grieving mother from Sam's show had followed Elizabeth and her boys to the swings after seeing them enter the park. Sam had also been watching and had seen the abduction.

As she rocked Elizabeth thought about the choices she had made and the actions regarding the people closest to her during this crisis. She knew Lucky was grateful Jake had been found safe and sound but Elizabeth couldn't get past the fact he thought she might have done something to her son. And even when he didn't believe she had harmed Jake he had accused her of abandoning and neglecting Jake.

As the chair swung back and forth the movements went with the words in her head...my fault, my fault, my fault. Even though it was irrational she blamed herself for Jake's kidnapping. It was hard not to. Her husband had. How could he think that? Didn't he know her? She couldn't even blame his behavior on drugs this time and that seemed to her to be the biggest problem. Lucky had no excuse for his cruel behavior and Elizabeth didn't know if she could forgive him.

Elizabeth continued to rock and looked down at Jake's sleeping face in the moonlight. So much like his father and yet his own little person. While Jake had been missing it had been so natural to visit with Jason down at the police station. Jason had always been her safe place and she had really needed that while feeling so helpless. He had believed and trusted her almost from the minute she had started talking. She felt more hopeful after talking to him. She had wanted to help him as he helped her but his only request was to stay strong for him and Jake and to take care of herself. Such a Jason request. Always making sure she was okay.

Now that Jake was safe in her arms she dared to think about Jason, the man, not just Jason, the father. Although, if Elizabeth really stopped to think about it she couldn't seem to separate the two. Elizabeth had always been drawn to him, even when she was still mourning Lucky all those years ago. First, it was just his friendship that pulled her to him. Soon, it became love. There was always love, but time and people usually came between the two of them, not to mention, themselves. When she walked out on him all those years ago it was their own hurt, anger, and miscommunication that kept them apart. Last summer, for one night, they had finally taken a chance on each other. She smiled to herself thinking Jason looked even better now that she had seen him in all his glory. Now, they had Jake, or rather, she did, thanks to her difficult request.

She took one more look at Jake and started whispering to him. "Jake, sweetie, your mommy has been a coward, but no more. You deserve to have the best life possible and I was wrong about what that is. Your daddy wants you very much and he loves you even more. Tomorrow I'm going to formally introduce you to your daddy and then we'll go from there. It's not going to be easy for mommy but with you, Cam, and your daddy we'll get through this together."
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