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Story Notes:

I don't own any rights to the show or characters, just my own stories.

I hope you enjoy this story on General Hospital’s AJ and Elizabeth. This is my story based on my version of the show. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

(At General Hospital, Elizabeth is busy entering data on the computer that’s from her patient files. As she continues typing the data in, Sabrina walks up to the Nurse’s Station. Elizabeth notices her and greets her)

Liz: “Well, hello there.”
Sabrina: (smiles) “Hi. How’s work going?”
Liz: (pointing to her folders) “Busy as always.” (chuckles) “You?”
Sabrina: (sighs) “Everything would be going a lot better if I didn't have Britt staring down my neck every five seconds.”
Liz: (confused) “Why is she watching you?”
Sabrina: (rolls her eyes) “Making sure I get all her patient folders done. I swear, that lady doesn't know a damn thing about what she’s doing. Unless she just likes tormenting me.”
Liz: (sincerely) “I’m sorry, hon. I can talk to her if you want?” (gives her a look) “I’ll give her a piece of my mind.” (scoffs) “Trust me, it would be my pleasure.”
Sabrina: (smiles) “Thanks, Elizabeth. I appreciate it. But I can handle it.”
Liz: (goes closer to her) “Well, you know who to ask if she gets to be too much of a bitch.”
Sabrina: (laughs) “I will definitely keep you in mind.”
Liz: (nods) “Good.”

(As Sabrina looks through her files at the Nurse’s Station as well, Elizabeth goes back to her work on the computer. Just then, Steve comes up to them, whistling. Sabrina and Elizabeth hear him and try concentrating on their work. When it becomes clear they can’t, Elizabeth looks away from the computer and gives Steve a look)

Liz: “Okay, what’s gotten you in such a good mood?”
Steve: (smiling) “Who, me?”
Liz: (sarcastically) “No, Dr. Drake. Yes, you.” (chuckles softly)
Steve: (shrugs) “Oh, nothing.”
Liz: (nods) “Mm-hm.”
Steve: (throws his hands in the air) “What?”
Sabrina: (sings) “Someone’s got a hot date tonight.”

(Steve rests his elbows on the end of the counter across from Elizabeth and Sabrina)

Steve: “And how do you know that?”
Liz: (scoffs) “Oh, please. With the way you and Olivia have been acting lately, it’s so obvious.”
Steve: (laughs) “I’m that easy to read, I guess, aren't I?”

(Sabrina and Elizabeth look at each other and then back at Steve)

Sabrina & Liz: (nods) “Yep!”

(They all laugh)

Steve: (smirks) “Okay. Okay. Well, enough about me. What about you, little sis?”
Liz: (leans her head back, confused) “What about me?”
Steve: (rolls his eyes) “Oh, come on, sis. It’s been forever since you've had someone in your life.”
Liz: (shrugs) “So?”
Steve: “So, are you telling me there’s no one you’re interested in? No one at all?”
Liz: “Yes.” (nodding) “As a matter of fact, there is.”
Sabrina: (looks at Liz) “Who?”
Liz: (smiles) “There are two, actually.”
Steve: (eyes widen) “Elizabeth Webber, have you been holding out on me?”
Sabrina: (smiles a little) “Okay, now you got us curious, Elizabeth.”
Steve: “Who are the two gentlemen that are fighting over you?”
Liz: (thinks out loud) “Well, let’s see….one is six years old and the other is two. But, they’re very handsome, might I add.”
Sabrina: (confused) “Okay. Now you lost me.” (then gets the joke) “Wait a second. Elizabeth, you’re not talking about-.”
Steve: (interrupting) “Cameron and Aiden. Elizabeth, come on.”
Liz: (puts her hands up) “What?”
Sabrina: “Of course they’re the ‘men’ in your life.”
Steve: “We’re talking about a grown man. You know, our age.”
Liz: (sighs) “You guys, between the boys and my job, I just don’t have the time for anything or anyone else.”
Steve: (shakes his head) “Elizabeth, you may think you don’t have time for anyone else, but I know if you found the right person, you would make time.”
Liz: (sighs) “Steve, you know my track record with men. It’s hard to find anyone these days, especially who would accept two boys by two different men.”
Sabrina: (sighs) “Elizabeth, what does that have to do with anything?”
Steve: “Once they meet Cameron and Aiden, they’ll fall in love with them. And you are still a beautiful, attractive woman who is smart.”
Sabrina: “And you could get any guy you want.”
Liz: (sincerely) “I appreciate what you’re saying. Really, I do. But, really, I’m fine.”
Steve: “And who knows? Maybe the next guy who comes through those elevator doors will be it.”
Liz: (snorts) “Very doubtful.”

(All of a sudden, the elevator dings and the doors open and a man with dark brown hair in his early 30’s comes out with a bad cut on his hand. He looks around a little before walking to the Nurse’s Station. Elizabeth, Sabrina, and Steve notice him and greet him)

Steve: “Hi. What can I do for you?”
Guy: “Well, I was being really clumsy when I was in my office pouring some water. The pitcher slipped out of my hand fell on the ground and broke into a million pieces. I tried to clean it up, but I wound up cutting my hand in a few places.”
Steve: (smiles) “Here. Let me take a look at it.”

(Steve goes to the guy and looks at his hand. Elizabeth has a shocked look on her face)

Liz: “AJ?”

(AJ looks away from his hand and glances at Elizabeth and smiles at her, looking like he’s happy to see her)

AJ: “Hi, Elizabeth. How are you?”
Liz: (swallows hard) “Um, good. Good. And you?”
AJ: (chuckles) “Well, aside of my hand being cut, I’m well.”

(Steve finishes looking at AJ’s hand and looks at him)

Steve: “It looks like you’ll need stitches.”
AJ: (groans a little) “Great.”
Steve: “Why don’t you go with Elizabeth to exam room 10 and she’ll clean your hand up and when she’s done, I’ll stitch you up.”
Liz: (surprised) “Me?”
Steve: (nods) “Yeah. Sabrina needs to check on her patients and I have to check with Dr. Drake on something. I know you’re entering data, but I’m sure Mr. Quartermaine would appreciate it.”
Liz: (nods) “Sure.” (to AJ) “Right this way.”
AJ: (nods) “Thanks.” (to Steve) “Thanks, doc.”
Steve: (smiles) “No problem. I’ll be with you soon.”

(AJ follows Elizabeth to exam room 10. As they go in, she speaks)

Liz: “You can take a seat on the bed.”
AJ: (nods) “Okay.”

(AJ walks to the bed and sits on it. He winces a little from the cuts on his hand, but tries to ignore it. Elizabeth walks to the counter to get the necessary supplies to clean his hand)

AJ: “If you prefer to have another nurse clean my hand, I understand.”

(Elizabeth turns around and walks to him with the supplies in hand)

Liz: (confused) “What do you mean?”
AJ: “Well, I can tell you’re not too happy to be in this room with me.”

(As Elizabeth cleans his hand, they continue to speak)

Liz: (sighs) “You’re a patient and I don’t refuse or turn away patients.”
AJ: (smiles a little) “Even me?”
Liz: (can’t help but chuckle) “Even you.”
AJ: (smiles) “See, I got you to laugh.”
Liz: (shakes her head) “No, I didn't.”
AJ: (shrugs mischievously) “Okay, deny it all you want.”

(Elizabeth shakes her head and smiles)

Liz: “You’re one of a kind, you know that?”
AJ: (shrugs & smiles) “Yeah. I've been told that a few times.”

(Elizabeth continues to clean his wound and it’s clear AJ is making her nervous, which he notices)

AJ: “I won’t be offended if you want someone else in here to clean my hand.”

(Elizabeth looks up at AJ and can tell he’s being sincere. After studying him for a minute, she shakes her head and smiles)

Liz: “No, you’re fine.”
AJ: (leans his head in) “Are you sure?”
Liz: (nods) “Yes.”
AJ: (smirks) “Are you really sure?”

(Elizabeth can’t help but laugh at his repeated question)

Liz: “Yes, I am sure.”
AJ: “Okay.” (sighs) “So, now that we've got that covered, how’ve you been?”
Liz: “I’m good. Been keeping busy with this job as well as my 2 boys.”
AJ: (surprised) “Oh, you got two sons? Cool. What are their names, if you don’t mind me asking?”
Liz: (shakes her head) “No, you’re fine. Cameron is 6 and Aiden is 2.” (chuckles) “Very energetic boys.”
AJ: (laughs) “Yeah, I’ll bet.” (sighs sadly) “I wish I could remember when Michael was that age. But unfortunately, Sonny and Carly raised him and wouldn't let me near him.”
Liz: (shakes her head sadly) “I can only imagine what it’s like to not be able to be around your child. I know I couldn't take it. I’m sorry, AJ.”
AJ: (smiles appreciatively) “Thanks, Elizabeth.”
Liz: (smiles) “No problem.” (tilts her head) “How is your relationship with Michael now?”
AJ: (sighs) “Well, now that he’s grown up and can make his own decisions, he’s giving me a chance.”
Liz: (smiles a little) “I’m glad. I know I wasn't around much when Michael was growing up because he had his own life and I had mine and being Sonny and Carly raised him, but he seems to be a fine young man now and I’m sure you’re really proud of him.”
AJ: (nods appreciatively) “I am. I hope to get to know him more as we run ELQ together.”
Liz: (confused) “I thought Tracy was running it? At least, that’s what I heard last.”
AJ: (nods) “She was. But after a family discussion and her finally admitting that she wasn't doing the best at running the company, I thought I’d give it a try.”
Liz: “Huh.” (nods) ”I’m sure you’ll do fine.”
AJ: (chuckles softly) “Yeah, hopefully, I don’t run it into the ground.”

(Elizabeth comforts him by touching his shoulder with her hand and smiles)

Liz: “From what your mother says, I’m sure the company will be a great success with you running it.”
AJ: “Yeah.” (chuckles)

(Elizabeth finishes cleaning up his hand)

Liz: “There. All done.”

(Elizabeth goes to the garbage in the room and throws away the dirty supplies)

AJ: “Aw, thanks, Elizabeth. I really appreciate it.”
Liz: (nods & smiles) “You’re welcome.”

(Just then, there’s a knock at the door and then a head pops in, revealing Steve)

Steve: “Hi. How’s it going?”
Liz: (nods) “Good.”
AJ: “She’s all done cleaning up my hand.”

(Steve goes in and closes the door, going to Elizabeth and AJ)

Steve: (smiles) “Excellent.” (to Liz) “Thanks, sis.” (to AJ) “How about we put some stitches in that hand so it’s all bandaged up?”
AJ: “Sure.” (laughing)
Liz: “Well, I’ll leave you two alone. I’m gonna go back to my files at the computer.”

(As she’s walking to the door, AJ calls out her name)

AJ: “Hey, Elizabeth!”

(Elizabeth turns around to face AJ)

Liz: “Yeah?”
AJ: (smiles a little) “Maybe I’ll see you around?”

(Elizabeth can’t help but smile at AJ’s question. She blushes a little before replying back)

Liz: (nods) “Yeah. Maybe.”
AJ: (nods) “Okay. Cool.”
Liz: (waves a little) “See ya.”
AJ: (waves back at her) “See ya, Elizabeth.”

(She leaves the room, closing the door. She stands a few feet away from the closed door with a smile creeping up on her face)

Liz: “Yeah, maybe.”

(She walks away to go back to the Nurse’s Station)

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