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Story Notes:

I don't own any rights to the show or characters, just my own stories. There are a few characters I added that fit my story. They are listed under the list of characters. Any questions, feel free to ask.


Elizabeth Webber: 20 years old who has a job as a waitress at Kelly’s

Lucky Spencer: 21 years old who has a job as a carpenter

Emily Quartermaine: 17 years old

Nicholas Cassadine: 23 years old

Michelle Thomas: 20 years old

Max Evans: 17 years old

Monica Quartermaine: Emily’s mom

Tammy: owner of Kelly’s

Taylor: 18 years old who is a waitress at Kelly’s

Melody: 18 years old who is a waitress at Kelly’s

Laura Spencer: married to Luke Spencer and mother to Lucky, Nicholas, and Lesley Lu “Lulu”

Luke Spencer: owner of ‘Luke’s’, married to Laura, and father to Lulu, Lucky and stepfather to Nicholas

Bobbie Spencer: doctor at General Hospital who is Luke’s sister

Audrey: nurse at General Hospital and grandmother to Elizabeth and Sarah

Sarah Webber: sister of Elizabeth

Reginald: works at the Quartermaine mansion

Ricky: Lucky’s boss


Elizabeth and Lucky have been together since they were 15 and 16 years old. They always knew they’d be together forever. What she doesn't know is Lucky has kept a secret from the time he was gone for a month from Port Charles. A secret that Elizabeth doesn't know and that could destroy his relationship with her.

Nicholas has been unlucky in love. So he waits for the time to come when someone enters his life. One day, this beautiful woman comes into his life. He is immediately attracted to her, as she is to him. What he doesn't know is this woman has a secret that could destroy everyone he cares about.

Emily thought she had the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life. But when she and Elizabeth witness something that breaks her heart, she feels she can no longer trust her boyfriend or any other guy ever again.

Chapter 1 “Lucky Comes Home”

(Lucky and Elizabeth are both 20 years old. They live in one of the rooms upstairs. Liz just got off of work at Tammy’s & heads for her room upstairs. She opens the door and sees lighted candles everywhere and rose pedals on the bed. All of a sudden, she feels two hands covering her eyes. The two hands come off her eyes as Elizabeth turns around)

Liz: (smiles) “Lucky!”
Lucky: “Hey beautiful.”
Liz: “When did you get back into town?”
Lucky: “Oh, just a couple of hours ago.”
Liz: “Why didn't you come and say hi? I’m sure Tammy wouldn't have minded if I took a little break.”
Lucky: “I wanted to surprise you after you got done working.”
Liz: “Well, you certainly did!”

(Lucky takes Liz in his arms and kisses her. They break free)

Lucky: “You have no idea how much I missed you.”

(Lucky smells her hair & feeling her back up and down)

Liz: “I think I do. I missed you, too.”

(Lucky smiles. They start kissing each other passionately. She starts to unbutton his shirt & gently takes it off. He starts to unbutton her shirt, kissing her neck)

Liz: (she moans) “Oh, Lucky.”

(He gently takes off her shirt. Then they start undressing each other more, looking in each other’s eyes as if they've wanted to do this for so long)

Liz: “Oh, Lucky. Make love to me.”
Lucky: “Are you sure?” (breathing softly) “We don’t have to do this.”
Liz: “I’m sure.” (wanting him as much as he wants her)
Lucky: “ I've been waiting for this moment for so long, Elizabeth.”
Liz: “Me too, Lucky.”

(He takes her to the bed, kissing her and lays her down. They look at each other for a second, staring into each other’s eyes. They caress each other on the back and neck and give into each other so passionately. They both moan softly as they give into their passion.)

(The next morning, Lucky wakes up and looks at Liz. He caresses her cheeks and gives her a kiss on the lips. Liz wakes up and looks at Lucky, smiling)

Liz: “Hey you.”
Lucky: “Hey yourself. Sleep well?”
Liz: (cuddling with him) “Mmmm….wonderful.”
Lucky: “Wonderful night, wasn't it?”
Liz: “How’d you know it was exactly what I needed?”
Lucky: “Because I can read your mind.”
Liz: “You can, huh?” (cuddling more closely to him)
Lucky: “You’d better believe it.”

(Lucky starts kissing her again. Just as things are about to get hot & heavy again, there’s a knock at the door. Liz puts on a robe and goes to see who is at the door. She opens the door)

Liz: “Emily, hey.”
Emily: “Oh, sorry. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”
Liz: “No, Lucky and I were just talking, that’s all. So, what brings you by?”
Emily: “I just wanted to see if you wanted to go shopping later. I have a date tonight with Max and I really want to look good. And you’re so good at picking out clothes.”
Liz: “Yeah, no problem. When did you want to go?”
Emily: “In like an hour or so. Is that okay? Or did you want to go later?”
Liz: “No, an hour is fine. Just let me get ready and in an hour I’ll pick you up at your house & we’ll go from there!”
Emily: “Okay, great! I’ll see you in an hour! Bye, Lucky!”
Lucky: “See ya, Emily.”

(Liz closes the door)

Lucky: “Wow, she really knows when to come.”
Liz: “Oh, stop. Besides, I kinda want to go to the mall, anyways. I wanted to get a new outfit because I haven’t gotten a new one in so long. Seems like I never go shopping anymore.”

(Lucky gets out of bed & goes toward her, puts his hands on her shoulders)

Lucky: “You always look beautiful, Elizabeth. NEVER forget that. You could be dressed in rags and I’d still love you with all my heart.”
Liz: “Oh, you’re so sweet.”

(Liz kisses him)

Liz: “I should get ready. Don’t want to keep Emily waiting.”
Lucky: “Alright, go. But don’t be gone too long because every second you’re done, I miss you even more.”
Liz: (giggling) “I know you will!”

(Liz goes to the Quartermaine house & knocks on the door. Reginald answers)

Reginald: “Hi, Elizabeth.”
Liz: “Hi, Reginald.”
Reginald: “Emily has been expecting you. You can go up.”
Liz: “Thanks!”

(Liz goes up the stairs & knocks on Emily’s door)

Emily: “Come on in!”

(Liz goes in)

Liz: “Hey. Almost ready?”
Emily: “Yeah. Hey sorry I interrupted you & Lucky earlier.”
Liz: “Oh, don’t worry about it. I needed to get up anyway.”
Emily: “Where did Lucky go anyway? He was gone for awhile. How long was he gone for?”
Liz: “I don’t know, exactly. It must have been really important because he kinda left in a hurry. He was gone for a month or so, but it seemed like forever.”
Emily: “Hmm. Well, at least he’s back.”
Liz: “Yeah, I was so happy to see him. It felt like he was gone for an eternity!”
Emily: ‘You guys are so much in love! I wish I had something like you & Lucky have.”
Liz: “You will. You just have to meet the right person, first. And once you do, you’ll never want to let them go.”
Emily: “You think Max is that person for me?”
Liz: “I don’t know. One thing you could do to find out is to see how much you two have in common.”
Emily: “Yeah, I guess time will tell for Max and I.”
Liz: “Yeah. You almost ready?”
Emily: “Yep! Let’s hit the road!”

(Lucky finished putting on his shirt when he hears a knock at the door. Lucky finishes putting on his shirt, and then says whoever it is to come in. It’s Nicholas, who closes the door behind him and walks to Lucky, who is by the bed)

Nicholas: “Hey, bro. What’s happening?”
Lucky: “Nothing. Thought I would visit Lulu since I haven’t seen her in a while.”
Nicholas: “Cool. What are your plans for later?”
Lucky: ‘Well, when Liz gets back from going to the mall with Emily, we’re going to go see a movie.”
Nicholas: “Sounds like fun. Have you decided what ring you’re gonna get for Elizabeth?”
Lucky: “You see? That’s why I’m glad you came here because you get to help me pick it out. You know how great I am at picking things out.”
Nicholas: “That I am. I knew there was a reason why I came here!”

(Nicholas laughs)

Lucky: “I want to get the perfect ring for her. I want it to be special for when I ask her.”
Nicholas: “Lucky, don’t you know by now that Liz will always be happy no matter what kind of a ring you get her? She loves you, man.”
Lucky: “I know she loves me, Nicholas. I just want everything to be perfect.”
Nicholas: “It will, Lucky. It will.”

(At the mall, Emily & Liz go into some store)

Emily: “Man! I can’t find anything I like!”
Liz: “I know what you mean. I don’t see anything good either.”
Emily: “What store do you want to go into next?”
Liz: “ Doesn't matter.”
Emily: “Oooh, let’s check out this store.”

(Emily is pointing at a store called “Hot Clothes”)

Liz: “I haven’t heard of that store before. Have you?”
Emily: “No. You wanna go check it out?”
Liz: “I don’t know. It sounds a little too flashy.”
Emily: “Oh, come on! Let’s just take a quick look and if we don’t see anything, we’ll leave.”
Liz: (rolls her eyes) “Okay.”

(They go into the store & they notice some negligees. Emily brings Liz to them)

Liz: “Em, come on! These don’t look like my type.”
Emily: “Elizabeth, just look at them. You might see one you like.”

(Liz gives Emily a “Yeah, right” look)

Emily: “Look at this one. It looks nice.”
Liz: “Hey, yeah. This one looks pretty.”
Emily: “Try it on in the dressing room.”
Liz: “Emily, I don’t know….”
Emily: “Come on, Liz. Just try it on!”
Liz: (sighs) “Fine.”

(Emily goes right by the door of the dressing room where Elizabeth is at while Liz tries on the negligee and waits)

Emily: “You done yet?”
Liz: “Yeah, come on in.”

(Emily comes in & her mouth drops in shock. Elizabeth is wearing a lacy white negligee with white straps and the negligee is just above her knees)

Emily: “Elizabeth, you look SO beautiful in it! You have to get it!”
Liz: “Emily, I don’t know. Plus, look at the price. I don’t know if Lucky would like it.”
Emily: “Are you kidding? He would LOVE it.”
Liz: (smiling) “You really think so?”
Emily: “Yeah, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a little action tonight, if you know what I mean…”

(Emily gives her a wicked smile)

Liz: (her mouth drops & blushes) “Emily!”

(Liz & Emily both laugh)

Emily: “So, are you gonna get it?”
Liz: “I’m not sure. Look at the price.”
Emily: (looks at the price) “So what? Take a risk every now & then!”
Liz: (smiles) “You’re right! I’ll get it!”
Emily: “Good for you!”

(Liz & Emily head to the counter where the lady rings up the negligee. Liz gives her money for it. (Liz & Emily head out of the store, laughing, holding their shopping bags. All of a sudden, they notice a couple making out)

Liz: (chuckles) “Whoa! They’re really making out!”
Emily: (chuckles) “No kidding! I wonder who they are?”
Liz: “I don’t know. Let’s go take a peek.”

(They go closer and then see behind the couple kissing. All of a sudden, the couple breaks apart & smiles at each other. Liz & Emily notice their faces & their jaws drop in shock)

Liz: (confused & speechless) “Emily, isn’t that…Max?”
Emily: (confused & shocked) “Yeah, it is. Oh my God.”

(Emily starts to cry and runs down the hall of the mall in tears)

Liz: “Emily, wait!”


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