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It was blustery, gray and unusually cool for September. It seemed fitting though since a child was being buried. The citizens of Port Charles had come out in droves.

No one ever expected it to end this way, not since she had left him all those years ago. Yet, here they sat, saying good-bye to her child who would never smile, never laugh, never grow up.

She watched them from the back, unable to go to her seat just yet. Audrey was sitting in the front row in the middle, leaving the first two chairs empty. Next to her was Emily and Nikolas. The Quartermaines filled most of the second row. Alan, Edward and even Alice had come out of love and respect for Emily's best friend.

Bobbie and Lulu sat behind the Quartermaines. She wanted to ask them to leave after what Lucky had done, but knew that was unfair. They were not responsible for his actions.

In the last row sat Sonny and Carly. She assumed they came because it was a child who died because she knew they wouldn't care about her enough to come. Sam sat at the end of the row. She assumed Sam came for the same reason because she knew the grief of losing a child, but she couldn't be sure.

Robin, Patrick and Lainey took the seats closest to the aisle across from the empty seats in the front. Behind them were Epiphany and Kelly. She was touched they were all here and was glad for their love and support. Her eyes widened at seeing Coleman at the end of Epiphany's row. She guessed it was true when he always said she was one of his favorite customers.

Behind them was an odd trio. Alexis sat between Ric and Jax. Her eyes moved to the back row where Skye and Lorenzo sat. She didn't have a clue why they came, but as long as things were quiet they could stay.

Her gaze finally settled on the small wooden casket at the front, its shine marred only by the little blue train sitting on top. The Reverend stepped up next to it.

She took a steadying breath as a gentle touch tucked her arm though his. Jason looked at Elizabeth in the eyes and squeezed her hand where it rested curled around his arm.


She nodded and they walked to the front. Jason helped Elizabeth sit and then took the seat between her and Audrey.

The Reverend opened his Bible and began the graveside service for Cameron Steven Webber.


Many of the guests offered their condolences and prayers to Elizabeth after the service. Some chose to also offer physical comfort in the form of hugs and gentle touches. Still, others only caught her eye and gave sympathetic looks because they weren't really friends, but wouldn't wish the death of a child on anyone.

One by one the attendees finally left. Elizabeth had finally convinced her grandmother to leave. She stood, staring at the newly packed earth, small tendrils of hair whipping back and forth across her face in the cool breeze.

"How hard was it to keep him away?" She asked, having felt Jason's presence before she heard him.

"He tried to get past our perimeter three times before Mac had him arrested for violating the restraining order." He was still angry Lucky was out on bail after the charges brought against him, but that's how it seemed to work since Lucky was a fellow officer.

"Please thank Max, Milo and Cody....he's the new guy, right? They are the reason Cam's service wasn't ruined." She looked up at him. "You're the reason it wasn't ruined. Thank you for asking them to do this. Thank you for always taking care of me." His hand came to her cheek and stroked gently.

"Always, Elizabeth."

She looked back at the grave and knelt down. She tenderly laid her hand on the small mound.

"Any regrets?" She looked up in surprise.

"About leaving town? About keeping this baby a secret? About sharing a life with you?" He just waited, his eyes locked on hers. They both remembered how he had caught up with her in the lobby the morning after the blackout. He had told her he couldn't watch her walk away, not again. He had said after all they had been through they deserved a chance. He had asked her to stay. She had and they talked for hours. He had also helped her with a small furnished apartment so she wouldn't have to go back to Lucky. "No, not one regret," she smiled, "but I'm thinking that's not what you were asking.

He fed my baby pills...to keep him quiet? to keep him from bothering him? I don't know and I don't care. He fed him pills and he is going to pay. He's done a lot of terrible things to me over the years, but harming my child was the point of no return.

I don't care that Luke said he was strung out and didn't know what he was doing. I don't care that Gram thinks he just needs support and encouragement and doesn't really have a problem. I don't care that she thought she was helping Lucky by letting him have time with Cam. I don't care that Emily thinks after rehab Lucky will be all better. I don't care.

How many times did I plead with him to get help? How many times did I try to get him to stop taking the pills? How many times did we argue about him having a problem?

All they care about is Lucky so that's what they get. They can stand by poor helpless Lucky in court when he's up against the heartless, unforgiving woman who will make him pay for what he did to Cam." She paused. "Do you?"

He took her hand and looked at Cam's grave.

"No regrets. We're in this together, all of us."


Jason and Elizabeth made it to the penthouse soon after. The guard at the door told them things had been quiet. Monica was coming down the stairs as they entered.

She hugged Elizabeth and told her Alan had told her the service was beautiful. Jason ushered them to the living room and they sat down. Elizabeth arched one eyebrow at him.

"You've been through a lot in the last several days. The stress isn't good for either of you."

Before Elizabeth could get her mouth open Monica agreed with Jason.

"He's right, Elizabeth. I know this week could have been worse, but you've still had a lot to deal with."

"Fine. You win." but she wasn't really upset. It was nice having people concerned about her for a change. "Thanks for staying here today. Everything look good?"

"Better than good, actually. Just perfect." Elizabeth turned to Jason, her eyes shining.

"Did you hear that? Perfect." She laughed and he smiled at her joy. "That means we can leave sooner than we hoped, right?" She turned to Monica. "Not that I'm anxious to leave you--" Monica interrupted her.

"Elizabeth, I understand, really. As much as I would love to you have you here, all of you, I understand your motives. I'm a mother, too, and I will not badger you when it comes to protecting your young."

Jason cleared his throat.

"I think we can arrange visits once we get settled. It won't be easy," he looked at both women, "but it will be worth it. We can't thank you enough for all you've done and put on the line this week."

"Jason, you're my son and I would do anything for you."

"That means more to me than you know." He'd been surprised at how quickly his parents offered their help this past week, but accepted their sincerity and support." Okay, as soon as we can pack Elizabeth will get on a plane. Once she's on that plane Elizabeth Webber won't exist anymore. We haven't agreed on a name yet," he and Elizabeth exchanged smiles, "but it won't be hard to remember, for any of us. Everyone knows she and I are friends so it shouldn't surprise people when she takes our private jet. The destination, however, won't be disclosed to anyone. I'll call you when she gets there so you don't worry."

"When will you be joining her, Jason?"

"No more than a few days after she leaves. I have a few things and people to put into place to protect Michael and Morgan, but then I disappear, too. But, we'll have worked out a name that you will know and we'll contact you via that. Also, we'll be back for Lucky's trial. Diane will do her best to stall it until after the baby gets here so no one knows, but we may not have that luxury. If it happens sooner rather than later we'll worry about it then."

"Mommy." They heard from the top of the stairs. They all looked up and saw Cameron standing at the top in his train pajamas, yawning from his nap.

Jason went up the stairs and scooped him up and tickled him as they came down the stairs. "Grandma Monica says you're all better, Cam." Cam grinned and pointed to himself.

"All better."

"That's right, Cam. You're all better." Elizabeth leaned over and took Cam's hand as she looked at Monica and then Jason. "You're safe now, too."

The decision to leave town had come easily after Cam's near brush with death. Elizabeth wasn't about to take any more chances with her children's lives. She and Jason discussed the ramifications of what Lucky did and what it would mean if Cam recovered so they talked to Monica and they formulated a plan. In the world's eyes Cameron Webber died of a drug overdose. It was only a miracle that he survived at all so when the toxicology reports came back they put their plan into motion. The tests they had run showed that Cam should have died from the amount of pain killer in his system so they made it happen. First, only Monica, Alan and Epiphany were allowed in Cameron's room. The machines were carefully monitored and recorded. Cameron's "body" was taken out quietly and discreetly at night in respect for his mother. In actuality he was taken to Jason's penthouse where he continued to recover peacefully and secretly. Monica had been by several times a day to check on Cam and he had healed quite quickly.

Elizabeth wondered if she should feel guilty for sending Lucky to prison, but she couldn't. Her job was to protect her son. It was only by the grace of God he was still with her and now she would do whatever necessary to keep him safe....even this.
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