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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to the show or the characters. Just my own stories.

I got a request from a reader who also enjoys ‘Liason’ fiction to write story on them. I hope you will consider leaving a comment so I know whether or not you like it. I hope you like my story as I enjoy the couple. I know Jason Morgan isn't on anymore, but I will never forget him. His character was a favorite of mine, especially when the show seldomly paired him with Elizabeth. If you like the story, please review/leave a comment so I know to post more chapters. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Happy reading!

Main Characters: Jason Morgan Elizabeth Webber Samantha McCall Lucky Spencer Emily Quartemaine


Elizabeth wasn't sure whether or not returning to Port Charles was a good thing to do or if it was a mistake. She hadn't been in Port Charles in over 3 years and wasn't completely sure why she was going back. The last time she was there, in Port Charles, she and Jason Morgan couldn't decide whether or not to give a relationship a try, a romantic one. She cared for him, deeply, for as long as she could remember. And she felt that he cared for her, too, even though he never really said it. But the way he always acted towards her when they were together and the way he always looked at her when they talked, it was like he was telling her his true feelings.

A Little Over 3 Years Ago

While they were trying to figure out their relationship, Elizabeth found out her painting of ‘The Statue of Liberty’ and application that she sent in to ‘The John Carter Painting School of Arts’ in Chicago got accepted. She was shocked, to say the least, that she got in because she never thought in a million years she would. She was debating whether to accept it or not, but Jason encouraged her to being it was an amazing opportunity. Deep down, though, he didn't want to her to go because it meant her leaving Port Charles…and him. Even though the offer was for a year at the school, he knew it could turn into a longer time there. But he knew if she didn't go, she’d regret it for the rest of her life. She wanted to call the school and thank them for the opportunity, but that she decided not to accept it. She wanted to see where the relationship with Jason would go, but she knew he was right. She needed to go to the painting/art school. Before she left Port Charles, she and Jason shared one last goodbye. They were on the docks by the pier, their favorite spot to hang out together. He gently put his hand on her rosy red cheeks and said she was doing the right thing by going and that he’d always care about her.

Elizabeth: “Please don’t forget about me.”

Jason: (shaking his head gently) “I never could. You will always be special to me, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth: (sniffles sadly) “I’ll never forget about you, either. I’ll always care about you. That will never change. No matter where I am.”

(They stare into each other’s eyes. Jason wants to kiss her so badly, but he decides to kiss her on the cheek instead. He leans forward and his lips gently touch Elizabeth’s cheek. After a few seconds, Jason pulls back, ending the kiss. They stare into each other’s eyes for a minute or so before backing away from each other)

Jason: (smiles a little) “Goodbye, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth: (smiling back a little) “Goodbye, Jason.”

(She walks away a little before turning around, seeing Jason. He slowly raises his hand to wave goodbye, which she does, too. She softly cries as she walks away. Jason softly cries as he walks away)


I hope you liked the Prologue. I’m sorry it’s so short, but I wanted to explain Jason and Elizabeth’s history a little bit first in case any of you didn't know it. I used a little of the show’s history, along with my own. The next chapter is longer, I promise. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it! Thank you to those to are kind in leaving comments.

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