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Summary: This fic starts during the MetroCourt hostage crisis period. Everything up to the immediate aftermath takes place, right up to Elizabeth being admitted to the hospital. Everything that happens after that is my imagination, what I would do if I was the empress of the universe.

Anyway...you should know that I'm re-doing Elizabeth's childhood, her background. Everything that happened to her in PC does happen, it will all be explained as we go along, I promise. I don't own anything, I really don't...if y'all saw the state of my bank account...so, don't sue me. I promise to put the toys back after I'm done playing with them. HUGE thank you to my BF, Christy aka unabella...this would be nothing without your input and support.
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Published: Nov 25, 2014 Updated: May 29, 2016

1. Prolouge by renmommy [Reviews - 7] (475 words)

2. Chapter 1 by renmommy [Reviews - 1] (2266 words)
I said that I would be setting the background, I will be doing that here and in some flashbacks.

To start, Jason's story is the same. What we saw onscreen before and after he became Jason Morgan, up until the MetroCourt hostage crisis, is the same.

And for Elizabeth, everything that happened to her after she came to Port Charles is the same. It's the before that is going to change. She wasn't born a Webber, instead her birth name is Elizabeth 'Ellie' Winston. She grew up in Charming CA, the daughter of Piney and Lyla Winston. She grew up the princess of the motorcycle club her father belonged to, everyone doted on her. She met Dr Jeff Webber and his family when they were in Charming working at the hospital-I changed history a bit, because I can-and when he became the club's unofficial doctor. She grew up hanging around her older brother and his best friend, Jax Teller...everyone would joke that she and Jax would get married someday. When she was fourteen, she witnessed a crime. In the wrong place at the wrong time, she saw Sons member kill a member of a rival club. In order to protect her from the rival club, she was sent off with the Webbers, as their 'daughter'. All ties were severed, and she moved with the Webbers to Colorado until they decided to join Doctors without Borders. Every thing that happened after that remained the same. For story purposes, Audrey knows that Jeff and Carolyn adopted Elizabeth, but not about her background. Despite cutting ties to Charming, she kept one phone number. Her godmother's. Gemma Teller, aka 'Gem'.

3. Chapter 2 by renmommy [Reviews - 5] (1553 words)
The next chapter. I hope this makes sense, I'm going to be jumping from the 'past' to the 'present' and this is Jason's POV.