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February 2007

Elizabeth shifted in her bed, trying to find a comfortable position. She understood why her patients always wanted to leave the hospital early, even if they weren't completely ready to leave. The beds were the worst, and having the elastic belts that held the fetal monitors in place were itching her stomach. Her mood wasn't the best, either. Held hostage by a crazy man, being trapped in an elevator with Jason...ok, that part wasn't that horrible...her confrontation with Lucky, all of these had elevated her blood pressure to the point that Kelly was threatening bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

It had been a very long twenty four hours, and all she wanted to do was go home, take a shower and curl up in her bed and pull the covers over her head and sleep for a week. After that, she could face the wreck her life had become. After that, she could face the censure that was sure to come from family and friends when the news that she wasn't going to marry Lucky Spencer and that Jason Morgan was, in fact, the father of her unborn child. Every judgemental, hypocritical citizen of Port Charles was going to have an opinion on her life, and they were going to announce those opinions at the very top of their voices. At least this time Jason would be by her side, this time they would stand together.

She quickly glanced around, looking for the remote for the TV that hung on the wall. If she was going to be stuck here, she was at least going to be able to watch what she wanted to watch on TV...ah, there it is...a movement just outside her open door caught her eye. Jason. And Sam. She watched as Sam flung herself into Jason's arms, her heart cracking as he wrapped his arms around the other woman, his eyes closing in relief. She watched as Jason brushed Sam's hair from her face, and she knew.

She knew that no matter what Jason said, that he wouldn't be truly with her. Oh, he would stand by her against family and friends, that he would keep his promise no matter what the cost to his heart. And she knew that she couldn't ask that of him. She couldn't, wouldn't ask him to sacrifice his happiness for her. And she came to a decision.

Reaching over to the phone beside the bed, she dialed '9' to place an outside call, then with shaking fingers, she dialed a long familiar number...


"Yeah, I'm fine...how did you know?"

"Really? We made CNN and Fox? Wow..."

"No, really...I promise, we're fine. I'm in the hospital overnight, Kelly is just being paranoid."

"Gem...Gem...wait, please...I just called to tell you that I'm leaving Port Charles."

"You don't understand, Gem...I'm coming home..."
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