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Jerry spoke rapidly into the cell phone, glancing at the woman sitting beside him on the leather limousine seat. He listened to the voice on the other end of the phone with only part of his consciousness; he was worried the slight brunette was not going to go along with his plans for tonight and he needed her to be by his side if this was all going to work.

“Yes ok of course. I will take care of it soon and let you know.” He finished in his heavy accent, closing the phone with a snap and cutting off the conversation.

“Moreau?” the woman questioned him her voice carrying smoothly in the silent car.

“Yes…again” Jerry spit. He hated that he was involved with Moreau but as things stood now he was stuck and he hated that even more.

“We need to get ourselves out from under this now, before it gets into something that has nothing to do with us.” Jerry supplied noting she didn’t turn her gaze toward him when she answered.

“We didn’t get involved with Moreau…you did and you dragged me in with you.” She spit at him, still angry that he’d pulled her into this. Jerry said he would need her to do a few things for him in Port Charles and then she could go back to her life, and yet here she was in the back of a limo speeding through the night for a meeting with dangerous mobsters.

Jerry wanted to swear at her for being so stubborn but he knew from long experience that it wouldn’t do any good; she would just stay mad until she wasn’t. But she was here and was going to the meeting with him, which was something. Of course he’d won after she had gotten into the back of the limo and he’d instructed the driver not to stop so she couldn’t’ get out, but knowing her he expected her to try and jump out while the car was moving.

“Yes yes I know, as you have told me many times…however darling I do need your help with his and I KNOW you don’t like it but I need you at this meeting…it’s the only way.” He finished already seeing from her set and angry face she had said all she was going to in the car. He was silently relieved; she was one of the few people that he hated to argue with…mainly because she usually won.

The car stopped outside a large iron gate and two heavily armed men peered inside before opening the gate, letting the car proceed to the front of the stately manor house.

Jerry followed the smaller woman out of the car, putting his hand on her waist steering her toward the large entryway. He knew she hated when he did that but it always amused him so he did it anyway.

The door opened and an imposing man with a deep scowl waved them inside. As most men did he glanced first at the woman appreciatively but let his eyes settle on Jerry, figuring he was the threat. “I’ll take any weapons”

Jerry smirked slightly opening his coat wide and turning around so the man could see he didn’t have any guns, “we aren’t here to cause any trouble, just to meet with your boss.”

The woman didn’t smile or even look at the bodyguard; she had on tight black pants and a tight black t-shirt and was obviously not carrying any weapons so the guard didn’t bother to search her. Jerry smiled slightly knowing how wrong that was; the woman at his side was lethal without a weapon and with one she was worse. Jerry tracked her eyes noting she was scanning the large entryway for escape routes. When her eyes locked with his she raised a delicate arched brow as a signal that she had what she needed so he proceeded toward the two dark oak doors.

“Sonny. Jason. So good to see you both.” Jerry smiled insincerely when he swept through the double doors and into the masculine study. Jason leaned against the oversized desk to his right and Sonny sat in one of the large leather chairs directly in front of him, a short crystal glass in his hand.

“Jerry. This had better be good.” Sonny said nodding to Max to shut the door behind the man, not bothering to rise. Max gave first Sonny and then Jason a concerned glance before stepping aside to let the woman follow Jerry into the room shutting the doors behind them.

“Oh trust me it will be good…if we can come to an agreement it will be good for all of us.” Jerry said as he moved toward the sofa, letting both Sonny and Jason glimpse the woman behind him.

Jason hadn’t liked this meeting from the second Jerry Jax had called and suggested it. He’d told Sonny not to take the meeting and not to trust Jerry but Sonny had agreed anyway. As far as Jason was concerned they had enough trouble with the Zachara’s and with the new player Moreau. Whatever Jerry wanted was just one more problem they didn’t need right now. The enforcer already wanted to punch Jerry and he pushed himself off the desk taking a few steps toward him before coming to sudden jarring stop, his breath catching in his chest painfully.
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