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Elizabeth started hard at Spinelli’s mouth trying again to comprehend the words he was saying. His expression became more and more alarmed when he repeated the words over and over, seeing her growing confusion.

“Elizabeth…did you hear me. Jason married Claudia Zacarra yesterday.” He tried again softly, but Elizabeth just shook her head as if she was trying to clear it. She tried to speak, to tell him that he was wrong, that Jason would never ever do that, never do that to her or their son, but the words didn’t come.

“Elizabeth?” Spin asked again, guilt setting in as he saw her accept what he’d said, all color draining out of her face and her eyes widening.

“Married…” her soft voice chocked out, “married.”

“Oh god…I’m so sorry…I don’t know why he would…I’m so sorry.”

Elizabeth shook her head again trying to clear it of the howling that had started and was steadily growing louder. She tried to think clearly, hear past it, but it overwhelmed everything else. She squeezed her eyes shut tight, wanting to block out everything.

But not to me screamed over and over in her head and she didn’t even realize she whispered it out loud until she felt Spinelli softly touch her arm. She jerked away from him like his touch burned her.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around her stomach and stumbled backwards her breathing catching, coming fast and hard and her stomach churning and lurching.

“Elizabeth!” Epiphany said from the nurses station alarmed watching the younger woman stumble and almost fall.

“What’s wrong?” Patrick asked anxiously, taking several long strides toward Elizabeth stopping when she turned around and fled down the hall. The three of them ran after her, but only Epiphany followed her into the ladies room of the locker room.

Elizabeth didn’t even bother to shut the door, she just fell to her knees in the stall, leaning over the toilet and vomiting again and again, tears falling from her eyes until her stomach clenched and she collapsed on the cool tile.

Epiphany grabbed some wet towels and moped at Elizabeth’s face, whispering incoherent words knowing the girl couldn’t hear her. When she stooped sobbing, Epiphany helped Elizabeth to her feet but she moved like a rag doll, limp and robotically.

Elizabeth stared at herself in the bathroom mirror but saw nothing, no reflection stared back at her.
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