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Jason stared hard at Elizabeth’s tear stained face willing her to be strong and know that he was going to get her out of this no matter what. He flexed his stiff fingers and signed page after page of documents, not looking at them just signing where Karpov pointed.

Jason threw the pen down and lifted tortured eyes to the Russian boss, “now let Elizabeth go, " winching when the guards wrenched his arms behind his back again.

He followed the line from Elizabeth to the gun pointed at her head, Karpov’s hand and to his implacable face. Jason had been horrified when the man had dragged Elizabeth in to the small windowless warehouse room and threatened to kill her if Jason didn’t sign over every part of his business. He knew it was now only a matter of time before Karpov turned that gun on him, but he vowed he wouldn’t let Elizabeth get hurt because of him.

“Ah Mr. Morgan, very nicely done…I’m glad you’re finally being so reasonable.” Karpov smirked, letting the gun fall to his side glancing quickly around the room.

Sonny and Carly were tied together on the other side of the room and Karpov figured if looks could kill Sonny’s would have struck him dead instantly. He knew he would have to kill the ex mob boss soon before he could plot how to get free. Karpov wondered if killing his beautiful ex-wife first would make Corinthos less or more pliable. Oh well he reasoned, it didn’t matter, they would both die soon. He was still contemplating turning Sonny lose and letting Anthony kill him but he wasn’t sure it was good to let Sonny go at all. After Claudia’s bullet riddled body had turned up in the alley suspicion had turned to Sonny, and Karpov thought it might be fun to let Anthony go after him.

Scanning the rest of the room Sam McCall’s frightened eyes caught him. He sighed whishing she hadn’t turned out to be a traitor she would have been so much more fun as an ally. Oh well he smiled to himself, once he put her on board one of his vessels, his men had sometime with her and then dropped her overseas, drug addicted and willing to do anything he told her, she would bring him lots of money. Certain men paid a lot of money for women who looked like her.

Alexis Davis growled as he stared at her daughter, she was going to die too of course. She’d been a pain in his side since he’d come to town, always trying to get him deported and notifying the Russian government about his questionable activities. He’d wanted Jerry to kill her weeks ago, but other issues had taken his attention.

Oh well tonight they would all be taken care of and all of this would be wrapped up, he thought easily. All of his enemies in Port Charles would be taken care of and out of the way and he would have all the control and property he needed to carry on business in the United States.

He nodded to Jerry Jax before turning back to where Elizabeth knelt in from of Jason quietly sobbing, “ah well that is all I needed then I believe Mr. Morgan…”

Walking slowly he knelt down beside Elizabeth, while Jason struggled against his shackles, “No…just let her go she doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

Karpov laughed, “Oh I know that…I just think you don’t know that…” while he gently gripped Elizabeth’s arm and helped her to her feet, pushing the gun back into the waistband of his pants. “That was perfect my dear thank you.”

Elizabeth lifted her head her tears drying, “Can I leave now?”

“Of course…of course…you did a remarkable job tonight…Mr. Jax will make sure you get home to your boys safe and sound as promised...she's quite the devil in disguise yes.” Karpov beamed, his eyes never leaving Jason’s face, wanting to see the realization that Elizabeth hadn’t been dragged here or threatened, that she’d come on her own tonight.

“It’s fine I can get home on my own.” Elizabeth argued her eyes pinned to the far wall, refusing to look at any of Karpov’s captives. She heard Carly spitting words into the gag in her mouth and Alexis screaming behind hers, but as always Jason’s silence was louder than anything else.

"No of course not I want to make sure you are safe...but before you go...I'm still curious at how easily you agreed to let all these people die." Karpvo had been a little concerned about Elizabeth's agreement to this plan, she'd sobbed and begged him not to kill Jason but in the end she had admitted she owed her children more.

Elizabeth answered slowly, "Sonny was always destined to end up here…. no one can stop that…not me…he did this to himself. "

"I would think you and Mrs. Jax had so much in common…." Karpov suggested while knowing it wasn't quite true.

"That would be wrong…except we hate each other…when she found out about Jake she said he was a bastard and threatened to say I was unfit and have my kids taken away….I don’t give a damn what happens to Carly…and frankly no one will miss her."

Jason winced as Elizabeth spoke wondering how he had missed Carly threatening Elizabeth while realizing that Karpov somehow knew about his son. He realized that Elizabeth had been forced into this somehow and just prayed that she and the boys got out of it.

"And Ms McCall…I mean I can understand you two not being friends but still seems a but cold to just let her die," even though he had no intention of killing her he didn’t think the lovely Elizabeth would be keen to know what would happen to her.

“Let me tell you about Sam…I was in the park one day and Jake was about a month old…and a crazy woman came and she took him…and Sam stood there and watched and did nothing…then she lied about it for weeks…not caring that woman could have hurt him abused him starved him…god knows what…and then she told me that he was dead and I need to let it go and get over it. Then she hired two men to pull guns on my two very tiny little boys and to top it off she slept with my husband…not because she cared about him…because she wanted to hurt me...I don’t give a damn what you do to her.” Elizabeth cold eyes burrowed into Sam, not noticing Alexis flinch.

Karpov frowned, “that is not a nice tale…you’ve been very bad Ms. McCall…oh well I think you’ll eventually realize that what comes around goes around.”

“And Ms. Davis…” he finished.

“Alexis knew what Jerry did to my best friend's Emily and Nikolas, her own nephew, how he terrorized them and hurt them…and she still crawled into his bed…not my problem.” Karpov glanced at Jerry seeing his face tighten and wondered if he would balk at killing his lover but knowing Jerry he doubted it.

“Ah and lastly...Mr. Morgan?” Karpov questioned, still making sure the guards were on the door not letting her leave yet.

Elizabeth spun around her gaze going unconsciously to Jason, she whispered, “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.”

“You see that is what confuses me…you’re going to let him die…but obviously you care about him.”

She swung her gaze to Karpov, “Care about him? I love Jason…more than anything…except my kids….I have to protect them…I tried to give him something besides this…so he wouldn’t get hurt…but that wasn’t what he wanted…he always chose to be the boss over me and over his son.”

Karpov smiled as Jason winced, he really loved this. He hadn’t seen one weak moment for Morgan since he’d been in town until the desperate Claudia had told him all about Morgan’s penchant for the sweet nurse and his attachment to her youngest son. It hadn’t been hard to find out about the rumors and put two and two together. Confronting Elizabeth about it had only confirmed what he’d realized.

“Can I leave now?” Elizabeth asked again her voice softer and unsure.

“Well there is one more thing....if you could save one of their lives I’m curious which it would be?" Karpov asked while Elizabeth knew he was up to something but not sure what it was.

“Jason.” She replied quickly.

“Really? Somehow I don’t think Morgan is so forgiving…but wait you haven’t seen all the options yet.”

Two guards struggled to drag a struggling Jax into the room even with his arms tied behind his back. They swore before dumping him on his back, while Jerry started forward and Elizabeth ran forward helping him to his knees and putting her arms around him protectively.

“We found him snooping around earlier, no weapons boss.” One of the guards said before they left he room slamming the door behind them.

“What the hell is going on…this isn’t part of the plan!” Jerry finally yelled, swearing to himself that Jax had been snooping. Even since Carly had left town Jax had been saying something was wrong and that she’d been kidnapped.

“Ahhh well your brother was snooping around my warehouses…I said I would leave him alone but not if he came after me.” Karpov yelled back at Jerry.

“Let me take Jax with me and leave.” Elizabeth cut in, gripping Jax’s shoulders tightly.

“Ahhh so things did change…interesting…why my dear?”

“Jax doesn’t have anything to do with this…nothing…just let him go.” Elizabeth said tears forming in her eyes.

Karpov laughed, “of course he has nothing to do with this, but not quite yet...when this is over and I am sure it is done, I'll let him go...of course I’m sure that he’s been so concerned about you lately, taking such nice care of you lately helps a little. Not pushing you away and choosing this nasty business over you or those two sweet boys…must be a nice change.”

Jerry grabbed Elizabeth’s arm and pulled her to her feet before reaching down to help his brother to his feet, fighting as Jax threw off his hands. “You need to get out of here and keep going.”

“You bastard…how the hell can you do this.” Jax said his arms still behind his back, not noticing when one of the other guards cut the rope.

“Mr. Jax…you need to listen your brother and be a good boy and you'll go home soon enough…I have business and I’m out of patience.” Karpov warned not intending to let Jax go.

Jerry pushed Jax and Elizabeth ahead of him toward the door as Karpov cut in. “Ms Webber one moment please.”

Elizabeth stopped and turned around slowly, “what?”, dreading that he wasn't really going to let Jax go.

“The papers you are clutching to your chest please.” Motioning to the pack of papers that Jason had just signed.

Karpov smiled missing the look that flew between Elizabeth and Jerry, as Jerry pulled Jax behind him toward the door. Watching Elizabeth slowly walk back toward Karpov, the pack of papers clutched to her chest Jerry flashed back to the conversation he and Elizabeth had a few days ago when this had started; making him actually wonder if she was scared or faking it.

“I know how hard it is when you love someone and you want to be the person they think you are and you aren’t…how you pray that they won’t ever find out who you are and what you've really done.”

She’d done better than all of Morgan and Sonny and Claudia’s threats put together. She basically told him she would tell Alexis and Jax who and what he really was and he was sure to lose them, especially Alexis.

So he’d agreed to help her, and of course when Karpov had taken Alexis the help had been more wholehearted. Now he just hoped Elizabeth would be able to carry out the plan and finish this. They had one chance here and it was all or nothing.

Elizabeth stopped just short of Karpov's outstretched hand, her gaze sliding unconsciously to Jason still kneeling on the floor to her side. 'I'm sorry' she mouthed, praying that he would understand why she was doing this.

"Ms. Webber the papers please...that is all you need to do to leave here safely." Karpov said his voice slightly menacing.

Wrenching her gaze back to Karpov she took the last few steps toward the Russian, closing the distance between them. Jerry watched closely, his eyes narrowing and focusing on Elizabeth; she was so small and tiny next to the other man it made Jerry even more certain this was not going to work and they weren't getting out of this.

Elizabeth held out the pack of papers taking a deep breath as Karpov laughed reaching for them. He hadn't noticed the look between her and Jerry or that Jerry had slid a large thin knife in between the papers when she'd laid them on the floor to help Jax, or that Jerry had positioned himself with easy line to the other two guards in the room.

Karpov didn't notice the knife until Elizabeth lunged at him, plunging it into this neck to the hilt, toppling to the ground when he collapsed. The blood roared in her head and she didn't hear Jerry's gun pop twice taking out the two guards or his urgent calls to her.

She rolled off Karpov as he twitched and convulsed, blood pumping out of the artery at his neck, coming to her knees beside the body jerking as Jerry grabbed her arm.

"Elizabeth! Elizabeth? Get up...we aren't done yet...Elizabeth!" he snapped, wrenching her to her feet snapping at Jax, "get them into the other room...hurry."

Elizabeth watched as Jax pulled a stunned Alexis and Sam to their feet and led them to the small back room where Karpov had planned to kill them and dump the bodies before burning down the building.

"Ok...ok....I'm ok...." she said to Jerry avoiding Jason's muffled cries for her attention.

Jerry picked up one of the fallen guards guns checking it and handing it to Elizabeth, "Remember what I told you, what I showed you, what we practiced...remember...we aren't out of this yet."

Elizabeth nodded wildly following Jerry to the door, taking a few deep breaths before he opened it, moving in front of him and moving out into the open courtyard, the bright flood lights making her squint.

Jax pulled Carly and Sonny to their feet, holding Carly close to him and motioning them into the back room beside Alexis and Sam, whispering to Carly that this was almost over and they were going home soon.

Grabbing at Jason he started to swear when the other man fought against him. Wrenching his gag free Jax spit out, "stop it...this isn't over yet...there are about seven guards in the courtyard and if they think something is up we’re all dead."

"What the hell is going on?" Jason spit out his voice harsh.

"We didn't have any other way...we didn't know were you were until tonight when Karpov brought Elizabeth here...he wouldn't tell Jerry...and there was no way we were getting past the guards outside and..."

"Untie me and give me a gun..." Jason said frantic although he wasn't sure what was going on he knew Elizabeth was in trouble.


"Elizabeth..." Jason said frantic hearing gunfire outside.

"She didn't turn against you...she was the only one that could get close to Karpov...he thought she was weak." Jax said fighting to get Jason into the back room.

"I know that…but she's in danger." Jason practically screamed fighting Jax but having trouble with his arms tied behind his back.

"No one else could get close to the guards...anyone else walks out there and the guards would kill them before we could do anything..." Jax said finally yanking the gag back in place and shoving Jason into the other room watching him tumble to the ground.

"When this ends just remember you were in this room the whole time...you heard Karpov in the other room and then you heard Elizabeth....nothing else...just that." he said slamming and locking the door to their protests.

Elizabeth kept her hands wrapped around her body the gun hidden under her arm in the folds of her jacket. She waited for Jerry's signal, playing a scene in her head to keep herself calm, she and Cameron and Jake and Jason were in the park on a clear warm spring day, laughing and smiling.

"Heard some shots...things ok?" one of the guards asked Jerry, while a few other guards wandered closer to them.

Jerry laughed, "Karpov got what he wanted and is making sure Ms. Webber understands this isn't a game."

"You taking her home?" another guard leered. He'd begged Karpov to let him take the pretty nurse home but Karpov had said only Jerry, he wanted Jerry to kill her, but the guard had had his own plans for her. Elizabeth looked up and caught the evil glean in his eyes shuddering waiting for Jerry.

"Yea I am...Elizabeth my dear...ready." he asked giving her the signal. Elizabeth pulled the gun out the exercises Jerry had put her through kicking in. Raising the gun she pulled the trigger, seeing the leering guard go down, tracking around and taking out the other two guards close to her. She didn't turn around to see how Jerry was doing, but when he grabbed her arm she figured he'd taken out the others.

"Done! Good...that was good...ok now we just have to clean this up." he said his accent heavy as he dragged Elizabeth back inside.

Jason pushed to his knees swearing and praying at the same time. He had an idea of what had happened and he didn't like any of it. It was a reckless plan and there was a good chance someone was going to get killed, and he prayed it wasn't Elizabeth. Karpov had arranged a meeting a week or so ago, he wasn't sure of the time, and he'd ended up unconscious and tied up here. Slowly the others had joined him. Karpov had tried to get him to sign the papers by threatening Sam and Alexis but quickly realized that was never going to work. Sonny and Carly had been harder to ignore, but he had. Until Karpov had dragged Elizabeth in to the room throwing how he would hurt her in Jason's face, until he had practically begged to sign the papers.

But he realized now it had been a set up, Elizabeth and Jerry had set this up to get Karpov to bring them all together so they would have a chance to kill him. He seethed at Jerry knowing the man had used Elizabeth and put her in danger.

Jason heard low voices in the other room and pressed against the door trying to make out if one of the voices was Elizabeth. He heard sirens in the background and for once was glad to know the police were on the way. He waited while loud voices yelled at them from outside the door and while the door was wrenched open. Men filled the room, untying them and bombarding them with questions and orders filling the small room. He saw Lucky fly through the door calling Sam's name.

Pushing past everyone he swung around the outer room frantically calling Elizabeth’s name over and over. "Jason here." Jagger Cates called to him.

Skidding to a stop his breath caught making out Elizabeth's seeming broken body lying beside Karpov's dead one. Crying out he ran forward dropping to his knees and turning her over, gasping at the cuts and bruises on her face.

"What the hell happened." he yelled gathering her to him, cradling her against him.

"Karpov...Karpov." Jerry said from across the room.

"Oh my god Jerry you did all of this?" Alexis said quietly so her voice wouldn't carry.

"Hush darling...you've been through a lot...and it is almost over...we are almost home,” he answered quietly stroking her cheek.

"Oh my god...you are amazing." she moaned quietly letting her head drop to his chest.

Jason saw Mac questioning Jax and heard the other man answer, “I don’t know Mac…I was looking for Carly…got dragged here and people were shooting…”

Elizabeth moaned, feeling her head throb and pound. "What happened." she whispered not opening her eyes.

"Hush baby it's ok...it's ok...you're fine." Jason said holding her close, pushing her hair back off her face.

“Jason…Jason…thank god.” She curled closer to him, sagging in his arms.

"We're going to take her to the hospital now...get her looked at, her hands are pretty cut up too..." Jagger said motioning to the paramedics to wrap Elizabeth's hands. None of them except Jason noticed the slight smile playing around Jerry's mouth.

Jason paced around the emergency room waiting for Patrick or Matt to let him into Elizabeth's room. They had taken x-ray's and done a cat scan to check for concussion and were now stitching up her hands from the cuts. The police were all around asking questions, he'd told them what Jax had told him and they'd finally left him alone.

"So how is our girl?" Jerry asked sidling up beside Jason.

Jason spun around reaching out to grab the other man, "ah Morgan I wouldn't do that...there are a lot of police here just dying for something to investigate."

"What the hell did you get Elizabeth into?" Jason spit out under his breath, letting his hands drop to his sides.

Jerry laughed and laughed until tears shone in his eyes, "Me! That is funny...really terribly funny Morgan...I didn't do this...your lady love approached me...she planned this...she did this...she forced me to go along...got Jax to go along too...so we had a distraction and could slip the knife in....this was all Elizabeth...not me."
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