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He looked down at them from his vantage point taking in the sympathetic faces which hid hypocrisy in the heart of some and deep sorrow in the heart of others. His cerulean blue eyes strayed from face to face, his mind calling out hypocrite when it landed on a face that he knew was there more for show then to really pay their respects until they landed on the two biggest hypocrites in the room. He felt the hatred wash through him and his hand itched to pull out his gun and shoot them both in the head, damn the consequences. But he wouldn't do it here. He wouldn't disrespect his family's memory that way and that was when he felt a huge rush of deep gut-wrenching sorrow wash over him.

He remembered how he had come to the knowledge about the travesty that had befallen his family. It had been a knock on his penthouse door around 10'o clock that night. He would never get that time out of his mind. He had answered the door to an inconsolable Robin and a sorrowful Patrick. At first he had thought that something had happened to their daughter Emma but when Robin had blurted out how sorry she was throwing herself in his arms in a hug of comfort, he knew his world would never be the same. He had allowed them entrance into the penthouse and when they were all seated, Patrick had broken the news to him that Audrey had gotten a call from the police; that they had found the bodies of Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake dead in their home in California.

His first thought had been that they were supposed to be safe. That they were away from his life so no harm should have come to them. However, that wasn't true. The ultimate of harms had come to them. They were dead. He had asked Patrick how it had happened wanting to know if even from their far distance away if one of his enemies had gotten their hands on his family. Patrick told them that they hadn't offered Audrey any explanations. At this point it was a homicide case and they had no clues. Soon after Patrick and Robin had left and Spinelli had come down the stairs from his hidden space as he had heard what happened to the Maternal One and Stone Cold's prodigies.

He remembered Spinelli's sorrowful, puppy dog eyes and his utterance as he tried to offer heartfelt condolences. He hadn't wanted condolences, he had wanted answers. He wanted to know who was to blame for his family being taking away from him. He had given the order for Spinelli to hack into the SFPD's computer bank and pull up any information on Elizabeth and the boys. Spinelli had nodded his head and made his way to his room as a knock sounded on the front door.

That was when hypocrite number one had come to visit. He had strolled in without waiting for acceptance and turned to look at him. Lucky Spencer. The man that he had foolishly relied on to make sure that Elizabeth and the boys were forever safe considering that he knew that all his life would bring them was death. How foolish was he? Lucky had leveled him with an angry glare and threw the blame of Elizabeth and the boys' deaths on him. Lucky accused him of never loving Elizabeth or the boys. Told him that he was the reason that she was dead. That if he had never insinuated himself in Elizabeth's life then she would be safe and sound in Port Charles where Lucky could have kept an eye out for her. That if he knew that she was leaving Port Charles for California, then he should have made sure that she remained safe by sending guards along that Elizabeth wouldn't know about. That he should have kept better tabs on her then he did in order to insure that she was safe. Then before he walked out the door, Lucky had told him that the blood of Elizabeth and the boys were on his hands.

He had let Lucky go, not bothering to dispute anything because as for right now he didn't know whether Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake's death were a result of his mob life or just something random. He had walked slowly over to his couch and sat down, memories of him and his family moments together, memories of him and Elizabeth together from when they first met into the boxcar until the day he had said good-bye to her two years ago in the courthouse. Suddenly the room seemed to close in on him and he couldn't breathe. The next thing he knew he was on his motorcycle taking the cliff roads, trying to run away from the memories. However, the faster he rode, the more he heard Cameron yelling his name when he was excited to see him, Jake's laugh when he was caught in a game of peek-a-boo, and Elizabeth's laughter when she was enjoying herself. He couldn't outrun the memories. They followed him everywhere and in the end he accepted them and went to Elizabeth's favorite place: the docks.

He had sat there for what felt like hours and just stared at the water rolling by the docks. It was there that Carly had found him because Spinelli had called her. She had hugged him, not taking in account that he didn't return the hug and told him over and over again how sorry she was that he had lost his son. No condolences about his other son or Elizabeth. He had pulled away from her as she began to lay blame on Elizabeth for the death of Jake. Putting Elizabeth down about how if she hadn't been so selfish then Jake would be safe in Port Charles. That if Elizabeth had ever cared about Jake she wouldn't have taken him so far away from his father. Jason had turned on her, leveling her with a cold glare that stopped her in mid-speech. He had railed against her that if it wasn't for her consuming so much of his life and him allowing it, he would have been with his family. She had sat there shocked as he told her that she should never utter Elizabeth or his sons name in his presence ever again. And when she began to speak, he told her that she needed to consider him dead right along with his family and never darken his door. Then he had walked away from the docks because Carly had tainted the place that he and Elizabeth had shared their many moments and memories.

He had arrived home to the penthouse and immediately told Spinelli that Carly was no longer welcome in his penthouse. Spinelli had taken in the stoic face of his master and made sure that he adhered to the orders that Stone Cold had given him. He had regrettably told his master that they hadn't put information of Elizabeth and the boys' incident on their computer yet and probably wouldn't be up till tomorrow. He had told Spinelli to get some sleep and get back on the computer in the morning. Spinelli had disappeared back upstairs wanting to say something to comfort his master, but unable to come up with anything to ease his pain.

He had watched Spinelli go before he left out of the penthouse to the one place he thought he would find peace. He had picked the lock to the studio door and opened it to find all of Elizabeth's paintings gone. However, the couch still remained. He walked slowly over to it and sat down on it, burying his face in one of the pillow cushions, hoping beyond hope that even after two years, he would catch a whiff of her sent. What greeted him was the smell of an old pillow that had been shut up in a room too long. He had rolled over on his back and looked up on the ceiling and slowly a smile came on his face and he found the peace he had been searching for. He didn't know how she had done it or why she had done it, but up on the ceiling where anyone lying on the couch could see it was the painting of the wind. He closed his eyes finally able to sleep, putting his sorrow to rest at least for a little while.

The next day he had found himself back at his penthouse pacing as Spinelli clicked away on the computer trying to come up with any answers that would appease his master. That was when the knock came on the door and he answered it to find himself face to face with hypocrite number two. Audrey Hardy blew past him and then turned to Spinelli ordering him to leave the room. Spinelli had turned curious eyes to him and when he had given him the nod, Spinelli had beaten a hasty retreat upstairs to his room with his computer.

Audrey had made a remark how soon Spinelli would be following Elizabeth and her boys to their graves dealing with him. He had stood there looking at her as she railed at him about how he hadn't been able to protect her granddaughter and her great-grandsons. How it was his fault that she was dead because he wasn't able to protect them by surrounding them with guards. How he was selfish for not only making sure she remained safe, but that he never really loved her because he hadn't fought to keep her in Port Charles.

He had wanted to laugh at the audacity. First from Lucky and now from Audrey Hardy. They had both spent years forewarning Elizabeth to stay away from him. Threatening and ordering him to stay away from her. He had finally complied to their wishes with deadly consequences but this however still remained his fault. He had reined in his anger and asked her if she knew what happened to Elizabeth and the boys and in an act of defiance to the very end, she had told him that she wouldn't tell him even if she did before flouncing out of the penthouse.

Spinelli had come down the stairs then, this time loaded with good news. It was considered a random homicide, nothing indicating mob relations. From the police report an unknown assailant had come into the house and killed Elizabeth and the boys. After Spinelli had given the overview he averted his eyes, unable to look at his master. He had seen the look of sorrow on Spinelli's face and knew he was hiding something. He had barked at Spinelli to tell him everything and Spinelli with deep regret informed his master on the situation of how they died. He had felt sick and weak in the knees as Spinelli rattled off the details of their death; Cameron from a broken neck, Jake from blunt force trauma to the head, and Elizabeth was raped before she was strangled to death. Spinelli had finished his recount by telling him that it was no suspects. He had asked Spinelli if there was any evidence like fingerprints or semen and Spinelli had told him that evidence had been catalogued in the computer, however, it seemed that hours later, the evidence just magically disappeared. He had told Spinelli to go upstairs to pack. They were headed to San Francisco.

Jason had been upstairs packing when he heard the knock on the penthouse door. He wondered who it could possibly be as he made his way to the penthouse door. Who he found at his door was a surprised. Monica stood there asking for admittance. Her face was cold with no emotions showing. He allowed her admittance, clearly puzzled why she was there. No sooner had he closed the door, he felt a crack across his face as her hand connected with his cheek. He turned to look at her his face throbbing from the impact only to come face to face with so much utter hatred in his mother's face that he knew why she was there. She had evidently found out that he was Jake's father. The lists of suspects were endless. To tell her after the effect, that she had been a grandmother unbeknownst to her was a callous thing to do and the only one he figured to be that callous and disregard someone's feeling so much for their greater good had to have had the last name of Spencer. Which one, he didn't know. Which one, he didn't care for they were one in the same. Before he could open his mouth, she had told him in cold clipped tones that now they were done with each other before she walked around him and walked out the door.

The plane ride to San Francisco had been a quiet one. Spinelli was still trying to come up with information to help them find the killer whereas Jason sat thinking that now he truly had no family left. In less than 24 hours he had lost the woman that he loved, his children, and his mother. He always felt that if he knew that they were in a vicinity that he could get to, they would always be apart of him. Now Elizabeth, Jake, and Cam were no longer available to him and even though Monica was within driving distance, he was dead to her.

Spinelli begin to jump up giddy that he found something that could help with the investigations. He sat as Spinelli rattled off that Elizabeth's last phone call was to a pizza delivery service. The pizza would have been delivered 15 minutes before Elizabeth, Jake, and Cam's time of death. The moment that the plane landed, they were going to find the pizza delivery boy.
They found him coming out of his class at the local junior college. He had relayed the message that he had delivered the pizza and as he was getting in his car to drive away, a police car had pulled up in the driveway of Elizabeth's house. He had asked the pizza delivery boy if he had talk to anyone about what he saw and the pizza delivery boy had relayed to him that the police hadn't been interested in talking to him. They had left him giving him a sizeable tip and reiterated that he never saw them. When they got into the rental SUV that Spinelli had registered under an assume name, he had given orders to Spinelli to cross-reference every police officer who could have come into contact with Elizabeth. Spinelli had come up with a Detective Bobby Graham that had been admitted to Elizabeth's hospital on Elizabeth's floor just a week ago for a gun shot wound. Spinelli pulled up Graham's employment record to find interesting things on him. He had been involved in a lot of accusations of police violence and reprimanded for excessive force. All cases thrown out because he was the police commissioner's son as well as the governor's nephew. Everything was falling into place and Jason felt his anger grow. The reason that the pizza boy was never questioned, the reason the evidence went missing, the reason that Elizabeth opened the door. Their killer was a policeman.

In the cloak of night, he had left Spinelli in the hotel room and waited in Detective Graham's home for him to show up clad all in black, his leather gloved hands clinching and unclenching to control his anger. When Graham had come through the door, he had acted quickly, strapping the detective to a kitchen chair and gagging him before he could scream and alert others to what was going on in the house. His orders had been simple. Tell him what happened to the woman and her children and his death would be quickly and he wouldn't feel pain. The detective had seen the coldness in his eyes and fear had entered the detective's eyes. He knew he was a dead man. That neither his father nor his uncle was going to be able to get him out of this predicament that he found himself in. He had nodded his head in agreement to the orders issued to him because he knew his fate was sealed and he wanted to go as gently as he possibly could. Once the gag was removed from his mouth he began to tell his story.

How he had been admitted to the hospital from a gun shot wound. How he had been assigned a brunette nurse who he had thought was a lovely piece of ass. When he saw the blue eyed man's eyes flare with anger at the way he had described the nurse, he apologized profusely for his transgression before he continued the story. She had been nice to him, making sure that all his wants and needs were met while he was in the hospital. On the day he was to be released, he had asked her out on a date. She had smiled politely and turned him down. He hadn't liked that she refused him. He had felt like she had been leading him on and making a fool of him. He hadn't like that one bit.

The night of his release he had went to her house and pulled up right after the pizza delivery boy was making his way to his car. She had thought he was the pizza delivery boy returning when she had opened the door with a smile on her face. He had given her another chance to change her mind about going out with him and once again she had politely declined. She had tried to shut the door on him and he wouldn't allow it pushing past her into her house. She had gone to the phone threatening to call the police if he didn't leave when he had grabbed her, throwing her to the floor. He had advanced on her and she had struck out at him, kicking him in the stomach. He hadn't like that one bit and as she tried to scramble away, he had pulled out his gun and used the butt of it to hit her in the head. Not enough to knock her out, but just enough to stun her.

He had drugged her over to the stairs and handcuffed her to the banister immediately going to work in tearing at her clothes only stopping when he felt small fists on his back and a young voice yelling for him to get off his mommy. He had turned from his task of stripping her naked to find a dark haired boy flailing his arms at him, hitting him in the shoulders, chest, and face. It had been quick. He had picked up the little boy by the throat and threw him across the room, the sound of the little boy's neck breaking when his body came into contact with the stones surrounding the fireplace. She had come around by then and began to struggle and scream when she saw the dead body of her oldest son and he had to silence her the best way he knew how. He had begun to choke her slowly; his anger at her rising because she had made this so hard for him, that she hadn't told him that she was a mother, and because of her he had killed a child. He had looked back at the body of the dead boy and thought that the boy's death should not be in vain.

He had released his grip on her throat and as she gasped for air, he had undone his pants and quickly penetrated her. She had screamed out at his assault and his hands instantly went back around her slender throat and began to squeeze to cut off her airflow. It was the ultimate aphrodisiac, he confided to his soon to be killer. The power that he possessed in his hands. As he pumped inside her, he would go back and forth between squeezing her throat till all air was cut off to her lungs to letting up his grip for she wouldn't pass out before he was ready. When he had reached the pentacle of his climax, his grip became a death grip around her throat and as his seed erupted inside her, her life slowly bled out of her. He had kissed her softly on the lips thanking her for the gift she had given him before taking the cuffs from around her wrists.

As he buckled up his pants, he had looked up and saw a tow-head little boy of four looking at him with unforgettable big blue eyes full of fear as he took in the dead body of his mother and brother. He couldn't possibly leave any witness around so he had advanced toward the boy with a smile on the face. The little boy had ducked in the kitchen where he had come from and by the time he had gotten there, the little boy had been trying to get out the back door. He had grabbed the little boy and felt pain in his hand as the little boy stabbed him with a fork that he must have gotten off the kitchen table that was set for the three of them to have pizza for dinner.

His anger had flared at the pain that her son had inflicted on him and before he knew it he had bashed the little boy's head against the backdoor. It was then that he took in the little boy's total appearance; the blond hair, the fact that he didn't really look like her and bared just a small resemblance to the little boy dead near the fireplace. He had felt his anger increase. She had been a slut. The mother of two kids by two different men. He had wasted all his energy and time on a slut who should have been giving it up to him readily not making him work for it by trying to play hard to get. He heard the little boy mewl and he had taken his anger out on the little boy continuously bashing the little boy's head into the door until he saw the wood of the door yield to the pressure of the assault. He had dropped the little boy's body to the floor like a ragdoll and immediately left the house knowing that he would have to rely on his father and uncle to get him out of the trouble that she had placed him in. They had come through for him after they made him vow that he would never do anything like that again.

Graham had sputtered to silence and looked up at the cold-faced man to see if he had satisfied the man's curiosity well enough that his death would be quick and painless. It was then that he had taken in the blue eyes and the blond hair so like the smallest child he had killed and he felt warmth between his legs as he felt his bladder involuntarily loosen up on him. He watched with fear in his eyes, his voiced rendered speechless as the man walked into his kitchen and pulled a butcher knife out of the drawer making his way back to Graham. With terror in his eyes Graham had reminded the man of his promise to make his death quick and painless if he told him the truth. He had saw coldness in the man's eyes as he gagged him while reminding him that he had made a promise to protect and to serve so that made both of them liars.

His revenge had been slow and exact; the muffled screams of the detective spurring him on. He had cut off each one of the detective's fingers, the very fingers that had wrapped around Elizabeth's throat as he had squeezed the life out of her, the very fingers that had picked Cam up by the throat and threw him, and the very fingers that had gripped Jake as he bashed the little boy's head into a door. He had moved to the man's hands, using his gun to break every bone in them because it was those hands that had forced his way into his family's house. As the detective sat whimpering in the chair, he tied a tourniquet around the detective's arms so that the detective wouldn't bleed to death before he was ready and made his way around him, pulling out the piano wire that he had put in his leather jacket earlier that day. For twenty minutes, he went back and forth between choking the man with the wire and releasing him wanting the man to know how she must have felt as he toyed with her life. He finally released the detective from his choking and as the detective tried to draw in air through his lungs, he made his way in front of the detective, unzipped his pants, and sliced the detective penis off of him, pulling the gag out his mouth as tears of pain ran down his eyes and shoving the penis in his mouth, once again silencing the detective. It was then that he had felt his anger subside some and he had left the detective's house as the detective slowly bled to death.

He and Spinelli had been on the plane thirty minutes later, Spinelli taking in the silence of his master and for once not going on and on in his ramblings although he was curious to what went down between him and the detective. The only message he did relay to his master was that Robin had called, letting him know when the funerals would be. She also let him know that Lucky had taken it upon himself to make sure that officers were guarding the doors to the church to make sure that Jason wasn't allowed in the church to pay his respects. His master had quirked his mouth at this, but continued to sit in silence.

Three days later, he had found himself sitting in the balcony of the church unseen by all except for the brief glances of Spinelli who was barely able to get through the doors of the church. The only thing that had been his saving grace from Lucky turning him away was Robin and Patrick's insistence. It was because of Spinelli's appearance that most of Port Charles believed that he wouldn't be in attendance. They didn't know that he had outwitted the PCPD by not arriving at the church the day of the funeral, but rather the night before and had sat waiting silent in the balcony for the funeral to begin considering that he had not been able to sleep for the past four days. They considered Spinelli his proxy and by doing this they felt relief in their hypocrisy.

Maxie who set beside Lulu, tears slipping down her face even though she didn't know the boys and never really had a kind word to say to Elizabeth. Carly who only days before had ridiculed Elizabeth and laid blame on her for her and the boys death sat near the front in mourning black as if she had ever cared about Elizabeth. Sonny who always took him away from her for his own selfish needs and who had forewarned her away from him. Lainey who's tears ran down her face as she cried for the mother and the little boys who just three years ago had turned against her best friend so that she could come off as the ultimate professional. There was Luke who always found ways to guilt her into going back to his idiot of a son just so he wouldn't have to deal with Lucky. Then there was Sam who for all purposes should have been struck down by God for even trying to venture into the funeral of the three people that she had terrorized only three years ago. All hypocrites who she had still tried to be kind to even though they spit in her face. They didn't deserve to be at her funeral. But if he thought about it, neither should he. For he was also a hypocrite. Able to protect all of Port Charles except his family and able to put everyone needs above those of the ones that had wanted him the most. Who had asked nothing of him except to love them. Yes indeed, he should be counted among the hypocrites.

His eyes swung to the front of the church, briefly glancing at the three coffins, one long enough for an adult while the other two were small enough for children, because if he glanced at them too long, he knew his heart would stop beating and landed on the blown up picture that featured the three smiling faces of his family. He shook his head and quirked a smile at the hypocrisy that the picture shown as well as how it proved his point of the hypocrisy of the main two people sitting in the front row who were trying to wear their cloaks of grief like a blanket when he knew the truth. He had that same picture tucked into the inside pocket of his suit coat next to his heart. No, he wasn't wearing his standard blue jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket. For them, his family, he had worn a suit.

The picture was given to him by Elizabeth to show them celebrating Christmas in 2007. It was more than two years old. Neither Elizabeth nor his sons had looked like the people on the picture the last time that he had seen them. Granted, the last time he had seen them was in the mortuary where their bodies laid on slabs being prepared for their funerals. Compared to the picture, Cam had been 5 inches taller and his curly brown hair had been tamed by a shorter haircut and although he still remained a blond, Jake's hair had turned a darker shade of blond and he had lost some the roundness of his face when he grew from being a baby into a toddler. Elizabeth's appearance had shocked him for the hair that he loved running his fingers through and smelling was no longer long, but rather cut into a pixyish hair cut. It didn't take away from her beauty, but it pained him that he wasn't there to stop her from committing such a travesty of cutting off her gorgeous hair.

He had stood there for hours staring at the bodies of his loved ones taking in the marks and bruises that sealed their fate finally coming to terms that his hopes that he was one day going to see his boys running and playing as well as making love and holding Elizabeth was now extinguished forever. It was when this realization had hit him that he had fell down to his knees on the hard concrete floors and had cried gut-wrenching sobs that he had been holding back every since he had found out about their deaths. It was after he felt like he had cried for hours that he had picked himself up from the floor and told them how he had exacted revenge for their deaths. How he had made sure that their death had not been in vain.

He sat in the balcony and stared at the picture as Father Coates's voice droned in the background about the virtues of Elizabeth. About how wonderful Cameron and Jake had been. He was so entranced with the picture that he didn't notice the man walk down the aisle of the balcony until he begin to shuffle his way down the row to sit besides him. He took in the man's limp as well as the craggily lines that was the landscape on the man face. He deduced that this man had had a hard life and a lonely one at that. The man sat down next to him and let out a sigh turning his dark brown eyes to look at him.

"I see you have not been invited to this event," he said, his voice low so not to draw attention to their presences.

"No," he told the man, somehow having the feeling that he was looking at a kindred spirit.

"Neither was I," the man said, his glance turning back to the front of the church to take in the picture of the mother and her two sons. "God, they were beautiful."

"Yes, they were," he agreed with the man, a small smile coming to his face as he once again looked at the picture.

"I have so many regrets," the older man told him conversationally. "So many mistakes that I wish I could change. So many opportunities that I have missed."

"I know the feeling," he told him, thinking about how he had pushed her away when she would come to him asking to be a family.

"I'm pretty sure you do," the man told him, his brown eyes swinging back to him. "That is why I'm going to give you the opportunity that I never had."

He looked at the older man in confusion as the man held his hand out to him.

"Take it," he told him. "Take this opportunity."

He looked down at the hand and slowly slipped his hand into the hand of the man's. He felt a tingling go up his arms and he closed his eyes when dizziness overwhelmed him. Then next time he opened them, he saw a flash of white out of his peripheral and grabbed it before it hit him in the face. He felt himself get jostled from the side, but his focus was on what he had caught. He opened the palm of his hand and found himself staring down at a slip of lace that resembled a garter.

His eyes jumped up and he realized that he was no longer at the church. He was no longer at Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake's funeral. He took in the decorations and the people all dressed in formal wear before his eyes landed on her. She was smiling holding a red bouquet that matched her strapless red dress. And realization hit him. He was at Emily and Nikolas's wedding six years ago. He had just caught Emily's garter and Elizabeth held Emily's bouquet.

Take this opportunity, the man had told him and as he pulled away from Sam who were on her way to being a sloppy drunk he made his way to Elizabeth. He didn't say a word as he held out his hand to her, taking in her surprised face that he was actually suggesting that they danced. He quirked a smile at her and slowly returning his smile, she took his hand.


Jason didn't know what woke him. He lay on his side looking at the alarm clock that read six a.m. He should be getting up to wake Spinelli, but for some reason, he just wanted to lay there. He closed his eyes trying to force himself back to sleep.

"Jason," a muffled, sleepy voice said behind him, "it's your turn for diaper duty."

Jason's eyes shot open and he slowly rolled over, scared that if he moved too fast, this would all come to an end to find himself looking at the sleepy, flushed face of Elizabeth. He reached out slowly and touched her face softly afraid that she would disappear when she opened her eyes slowly and smiled a sleepy smile at him.

"That's not going to work," she said softly as she closed her eyes trying to fall back to sleep, "it's still your turn."

She was alive, he thought, his heart leaping in excitement. Or maybe this was a dream. And if it was a dream, he didn't want to wake up from it. He found himself reaching out for her and pulling her underneath him.

"Jason," she squealed, her eyes popping open to look at him a smile coming on her face.

He silenced her protestations as he kissed her, peppering kisses all over her face his hands deep in her chocolate brown tresses before he stopped to just stare at her.

"Well," she said good-naturedly, "good morning to you too."

"I love you," he told her softly pouring all his emotions in that one statement, memorizing her face as he stared down at her. "I love your hair."

"I love you too," she said sincerely, her hands coming up to cup his face, "but it's still not going to get you out of your turn."

"My turn," he said, a puzzled expression coming on his face.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to answer when they heard a baby squeal making them both turn their heads toward the sound only for Jason to find a baby monitor that he hadn't noticed sitting besides the alarm clock. He turned his head back to Elizabeth, only to encounter her mischievous blue eyes.

"The baby's calling for you," she told him smugly.

He rolled off her and the bed and walked out the bedroom, his curiosity getting the best of him. Who was this baby for it surely did not sound like Jake? He slowly made his way down the hallway wondering what door the baby was behind. He need not have wondered for the baby's babbling called out to him and he opened the door to find himself in a light pink and baby blue room. He made his way over to the crib which was situated in the middle of the room to find his eyes resting on the cobalt blue eyes of a curly light brown haired baby girl. She giggled when she saw him and memories assaulted him.

Their dance at Emily and Nikolas's wedding, them frequently meeting or bumping into each other at Kelly's, the docks, the park, or the hospital, him moving Sam out of his penthouse, him proposing to her in her studio, Her, Cameron, and him moving into their new home in Norfolk, VA, them getting married in Italy, them making love, her showing him the pregnancy test, him opening up a Securities firm, her heavily pregnant opening up an art gallery, him in the delivery room as she gave birth to their son, him watching her as she sang to the baby while rocking him in a rocker, them at the park on a family picnic, him hiring Spinelli as his tech guy for his security firm, Emily, Nikolas, their children as well as him, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake sharing Thanksgiving together, them around the Christmas tree as Monica handed out Christmas gifts, Edward and him arguing about the best security for ELQ, him and Elizabeth celebrating Valentine's together, him hugging her when she announced she was pregnant again, and her giving birth to their daughter that they named Calah which meant opportunity.

"It was a dream," he said softly to the baby. "A horrible dream."

But yet, it hadn't felt like a dream. It felt all too real. He picked his daughter up out of the crib and his heart melted as a smile came to her face and she squealed in happiness.

"You are definitely Daddy's Little Girl," he told her as he held her.

"Which I don't think is fair," Elizabeth said as her arms circled around his waist.

"How so," he asked her, quirking an eyebrow at the small pout that she had on her beautiful face.

"All the kids seem to favor you over me," she whined good-naturedly. "It would be nice if they chose me over you just once."

"Well," he told her with a smile on his face. "I guess we'll just keep trying till you have one that likes you better than me."

"Then I'll be pregnant forever," she told him, rolling her eyes. "They always like you better because you spoil them."

"I do not spoil them," he told her. "And I wouldn't mind if you're pregnant forever."

"So say the man that never has to worry about swollen ankles," said Elizabeth as she took Calah out of her head. "Go get the boys up. If you guys plan on getting to the football game this afternoon, you better get a move on it. I'll take care of this little munchkin."

Jason walked out of the nursery taking one last look at Elizabeth and Calah as Elizabeth was talking to her about the fun that the girls would share while the boys were away. He made his way next door and opened it to find his sons both sprawled on their bed, Jake's bed in the shape of a lion whereas Cameron's bed was in the shape of a train. He felt another kick to his heart as he took in their sleeping faces.

All of this is real, he thought. It's not just a dream. They were really here. He was really here with them. And everyone was okay. Slowly, he walked into the room to prepare them for the day.


"Dad, hurry up," Cameron yelled as he ran down the stairs of their house, "we have to get a move on."

"I'm coming," Jason told him as he held Jake's hand as they made their way slowly down the stairs. Jake at four still had an apprehension of going down the stairs. Going up were no problem however, his son froze when he had to go down them.

"But you're not coming fast enough," Cam called back as he made his way into the kitchen.

Jason reached the bottom of the stairs when the front doorbell rung. It was probably Spinelli considering he was supposed to come to the game with them. Even though he still pondered why Spinelli continued to ring the front door when he, himself, lived above their garage. Spinelli had told him that it was because he didn't want to walk in on Stone Cold or the Maternal One involved in something that was only meant for them. Jason took the words to heart considering he always found himself touching his wife and vice versa.

"Hey Jake, why don't you go on in the kitchen and eat while Daddy answers the door," Jason told his son.

"Okay," Jake said with a smile on his face before he hurried to the kitchen as fast as his little legs would take him.

Jason watched his son go before he turned to the front door and pulled it open. It wasn't Spinelli that stood there though. It was the man from the church. He had fewer lines on his face and he didn't have his limp. Fear washed over Jason. Was he here to take it all away from him? Was it anyway he could convince the man to let him keep this happiness because he didn't want to return to his other life.

"May I help you?" Jason asked with apprehension on his face.

The man looked nervous as if he was about to bolt off their front porch. For some reason, this eased some of Jason's fears.

"Are you Jason Morgan?" the man asked making Jason nervousness kick in a little more.

"Yea," he said, "I'm him."

"Then Elizabeth would be your wife," the man said.

"That she would be," he returned to the man, confusion as well as suspiciousness beginning to leak into his voice.

"Well," the man said, taking a deep breath as Jason braced himself for the man to take away all of his happiness that he had given him. "I'm Jeff Webber. I'm Elizabeth's father and I was hoping to come in for the opportunity to make amends."
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