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Edward Quartermaine never hurried anywhere, anywhere hurried to him. He was very rich and very powerful and had spent the better part of his life becoming so, just so that when he wanted something it came to him and not the other way around. But now he hurried down the halls of General Hospital, reasoning today was special and this was one of the most important things he had ever done.

Earlier today sitting in the emergency room with a man and a bomb he had thought this was definitely going to be a very bad day, but then he was old and so many he loved had died that he wasn’t really afraid to die anymore. He knew when he passed he would see his beloved Lila and that was all the comfort he needed. But then something miraculous happened. His grandson, Jason Quartermaine, whether he admitted to the name or not, had rushed into the hospital.

Before today he would have said that if that poor man Joe Smith needed shot, well Jason was the perfect man for the job. But today had opened his eyes. Instead of brute force Jason had displayed pity and empathy and compassion. He had related to that man as no one else in the room had been able to, certainly not fools like Dr Ford or the Mayor or poor heartbroken Nicholas. All they had done was make things worse, while Jason had saved the day. It didn’t matter the bomb was a fake Jason had still saved him and everyone else. And Edward vowed he was going to make sure everyone knew his grandson was a hero.

But that was all for tomorrow, right now was more important than all of that. He slowed down seeing the sign hanging above the large glass windows. He unconsciously straightened his tie and smoothed down his jacket projecting an air of authority before he pushed open the doors to the pediatric wing.

“Ah young woman, I need to see the…the Webber child.” Edward said struggling to remember the young woman’s name, Regina.

“Oh Mr. Quartermaine…well…uhm…Jake is here…well you knew that but…uhm you’re not really…family so I can’t just…” she stuttered out, taken off guard. Although Mr. Quartermaine had always been polite to her it made her nervous talking to someone who was probably the richest and most powerful man in town.

“Family…well that is debatable. But don’t be simple young lady, I am on the board here and Elizabeth and my granddaughter Emily were closer than best friends, more like sisters, and Elizabeth has always been close to our family, so I have every right to see that child.” Edward wasn’t about to let this unimportant girl stop him from seeing Jacob.

“Uhm, well I guess you can come back to the room…” Regina jumped back when Edward simply grunted and pushed past her.

“That is fine, you can leave now unless you seriously think I would hurt this child or run off with him!” Edward demanded imperiously when she didn’t make a move to leave the room. He drew himself up and started straight at her, knowing that it had leveled better people than her.

He was rewarded when she nodded jerkily and said weakly “I’ll be out by the desk.”

Regina reasoned to herself that it was safe since the desk was in front of the only way in and out so Mr. Quartermaine couldn’t take Jake anywhere and besides she couldn’t think of any reason he would anyway.

Edward walked slowly toward the simple wooden crib more nervous than he had been in years.

“Hello there Jacob” he said when the baby turned inquisitive eyes toward him. Edward reached down and laid his hand on the baby’s chest stroking his chest and cheek to keep him calm. But the boy didn’t seem scared he just stared at Edward with his large clear blue eyes.

“Well my my aren’t you something else. I’m your great grandfather, I know you don’t know that yet, but I am.”

He stroked Jake’s cheek and marveled at how much he looked like Jason or that everyone didn’t notice it, but then Edward knew people tended to see what they wanted to see and since everyone thought Jake was Lucky Spencer’s that was probably what they saw.

“But you’re not a Spencer, no no you are a Quartermaine my boy. Poor Joe Smith didn’t know how right he was when he asked Jason if he was the father.”

Edward leaned down into the crib further so he could whisper in a quiet rasp, “I promise we’ll have lots of time together soon, your mother can bring you to the house and you can see photos of your grandfather Alan, he would have loved you so much, and of course my dear Lila. And I will tell you stories about them and about your father when he was young. Very soon Jake I promise.” Edward pulled the blanket back up stroking his great grandson’s cheek one more time.

“Thank you young lady.” Edward said sailing past Regina and out into the hall.

Elizabeth smoothed the blanket one more time, willing herself not to swear out loud. She was bored and hated sitting around the hospital when she knew there was so much to be done. She had to make sure Cameron was ok, she knew he would be scared and upset and she wanted to comfort him so he understood that what happened wasn’t really his fault. She felt better and stronger but Leo wouldn’t discharge her until tomorrow.

Secretly she also wanted to get out of here and see Jason. She knew it was risky for him to come and see her here since people were in and out of her room or past it all the time. But it didn’t matter, she’d been so scared about Jake and right now she just wanted Jason to tell her everything was going to be ok.

“Hello my dear.” Edward said smiling happily from the doorway.

“Edward. It’s so nice to see you.” Elizabeth said smiling back. She had always liked Emily’s grandfather and he had always been good to her so it was nice to see him.

“Fine. Just fine. How are you? I hear you were hurt pretty badly.” Monica had actually said Elizabeth could have died from her wound but he didn’t want to upset her so he didn’t mention that.

“Oh I’m fine now. It wasn’t that bad.” Elizabeth said smoothly. “But how are you, it must have been awful in the emergency room.” She’d heard bits and pieces of what had happened from Regina and Nadine.

“Oh yes, yes. Terrible thing…that poor man and his wife and baby. Just terrible.” Edward shook his head making a mental note to see about a lawyer for Joe Smith. As far as Edward was concerned this hospital had let that man down and he was going to do what he could to help.

“I know, I feel so bad for him, he just wanted his wife and baby to get help and have someone care. It’s so sad. I hope she and the baby are going to be ok.” Elizabeth couldn’t help but think about almost losing Jake and how grateful she was for the wonderful staff and care here at General Hospital.

“Oh I was scared, yes I was…but then Jason was here and well…he took care of everything.” Edward watched the smile spread across Elizabeth’s face making her eyes shine. Ahhh yes just what I had hoped for.

“But then you and Emily always knew Jason was…well a hero. Isn’t that what you always called him?”

“Jason always protects the people he cares about…yes…a hero.” She answered almost shyly.

Edward reached down and took Elizabeth’s hand in his, “well it’s right that you think so. He was very concerned, frantic even, looking for you…worried about you…and Jake.”

Elizabeth didn’t know what to say to Edward, “well Jason has always been a good friend.” She finally answered weakly.

Edward squeezed her hand, “yes, and a bit more than that.”

“More? Edward…” Elizabeth shifted her focus to her hand enveloped in Edward’s not sure what to say because she didn’t want to lie to him especially about Jason.

Edward leaned down and caught her chin forcing her to look at him, “Ah not to worry my dear. And in case you were concerned I went and saw Jake. Beautiful boy. And if we’re lucky, and I think we will be, his eyes will stay as blue as they are now…just like his father’s.”

Elizabeth gasped, a million thoughts flying through her head, “Edward please no one…”

But Edward cut her off, “yes yes I know that. And I assume my grandson is fixing that problem soon. I certainly don’t want everyone thinking that beautiful boy is anything but a Quartermaine.”

“So when you are released I’ll come by and see you and my great grandson, I assume you will be staying at Audrey’s…temporarily of course.” Edward smiled a knowing smile.

Elizabeth still felt a little confused wondering how Edward had pieced it all together, “Yes we’ll be staying there until the house is fixed.” Elizabeth emphasized.

“Yes well we’ll see about that won’t we.” Edward winked at her walking toward the door. When he reached it he hesitated and turned back around.

“Elizabeth, you know that we have always thought you were a lovely girl and you were always a good friend to our Emily and we…well I always thought of you as family. And Jason sadly has not always been the best about choosing his…shall we say relationships…so I’m happy that at least the most important one he has, he will ever have, is with someone we think so much of.”

Edward sailed out of the small room and back down the corridor smiling and addressing the staff as he walked. Today was the first happy day he’d had since Emily died and he wanted to enjoy every minute. But he knew he had some more things to work out before this was just the way he wanted it. He would have to speak to Jason of course, make him do what was right for Elizabeth and Jake…and for Edward as well.

He wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jason were stubborn about this, the boy always had been, but Edward would just have to make him see that he couldn’t go on lying and that Elizabeth and Jake deserved better. It never occurred to Edward that Jason wouldn’t do the right thing, Edward knew he would, he was still a good boy after all. Edward smiled at one of the orderly’s but didn’t notice the man stop and stare in disbelief.

Edward silently admitted Jason usually hadn’t chosen the best relationships, Carly, Courtney and especially Sam had been disasters from the first, but Robin and Keesha had been nice girls. Elizabeth was the best of course and would be a perfect fit for the Quartermaine’s, she reminded Edward of the best of Emily and Lila in so many ways. Edward was also pleased that Jason had the good sense to have a child with someone Edward thought so highly and it just lifted Edward’s estimation of Jason. All in all Edward thought this had been one of the best days of his life.
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