Consequences by lovemyqtkids
Summary: Set in fall of 2007.
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Chapter 1 by lovemyqtkids
The party was in full swing by the time Elizabeth arrived. The last year had been a rough one and made worse by some of the choices she had made. It was time to stop it. She was going to fix what she had broken, starting tonight.

She adjusted Jake on her hip and squeezed Cameron's hand in encouragement. The boys were only here to get a ride to a safe place. She entered the large and festive ballroom. She had only taken one breath when she felt Jason's presence in the room. It had always been that way and even though they were staying away from each other their connection was as strong as ever. She was afraid she would lose her nerve if she looked his way so he would have to wait. Cameron had spotted Emily and he pulled his mother along towards her.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Elizabeth?" Emily asked as she placed a gentle hand on Elizabeth's arm and slid it down to take her free hand. "Jason has agreed so you don't have to do this." Elizabeth knew Emily meant well but she knew she had to do it. The lies had gone on long enough. Elizabeth squeezed Emily's hand.

"I know he agreed, but this ends now, no matter the consequences. I did this to all of us and now I have to fix it."

Emily and Elizabeth played with the boys at one of the side tables along the far wall while they waited. Elizabeth was waiting for someone specific and as the designated time drew near she started to get nervous.


Jason knew the moment Elizabeth walked into the room with her boys. He couldn't stop himself from seeing with his own eyes if she was alright, if she was okay. He had walked away physically, but not emotionally. Turning off his emotions would be expecting too much of himself. He would never stop needing her, even if he couldn't have her. His eyes took in every emotion on her face and every movement of her body as time passed. He watched as her movements became tenser and her eyes started to dim. He wished he knew what was wrong and how to fix it, but he couldn't. She belonged with someone who was safer.

As he scanned the room he saw Cruz Rodriguez and another officer enter the room. He watched as the two men discussed something and then split up. Jason didn't think much of it until Cruz stopped to talk to Emily and Elizabeth. Jason didn't know what was going on but if he involved Emily or Elizabeth he wanted, no, he needed, to know. He headed for their table, not realizing Sonny and Spinelli were right behind him.


Elizabeth knew Jason had watched her most of the last hour and was oddly comforted by that. She felt the mood of the party change when the officers entered the ballroom. As Cruz headed her way she started to shake. He soon reached their table and he asked her again, like Emily. "Are you sure about this, Elizabeth?" She gave him a shaky smile.

"Of course not, but I know it's the right thing to do."

"Okay, then you need to say good night to your kids. Are you sure you want them here for this?"

"They are not staying. I know I'm asking a lot, but can I have a few minutes to get them out the door?" He nodded and headed back to the entrance and the other officer.

Elizabeth turned and scooped Cameron up into her arms for a bear hug. He giggled and she blew out a breath to keep from crying all over him. She whispered little instructions to him for the night, told him where he was going, to behave, and how much she loved him. She wanted to keep talking but choked up so much she had to stop. Cam put his little hands on her face and whispered back to her. "I be good, mommy. Jake be good, too. I love you," and with that he gave her a smacking kiss and squirmed to get down.

He ran to Emily and put his arms up and hollered, "Let's go!". They both giggled as she picked him up after giving Jake to Elizabeth. Elizabeth held Jake close just watching his face as he watched her. She started whispering to Jake as she had to Cameron.

"Jake, you don't know your daddy very well and that's mommy's fault, but I'm going to fix it. I may not be here for awhile but it doesn't," she had trouble swallowing past the lump in her throat, "mean I don't love you. I do love you, so very much. I'm doing this for you and for your daddy." She pulled him close as she held him tight. She turned suddenly and gave him to Spinelli. "Take him," was her tortured plea. Emily and Spinelli took the kids and headed outside followed by the boys' guards.

She knew Jason was close now and confused. She finally looked at him as Cruz returned to the table. As Cruz put her hands behind her back and placed the handcuffs on she knew Jason wasn't the only one confused as they watched the scene unfold. Everyone they knew had come to this party which is why she was doing this here. She wanted there to be no doubts or misunderstandings when it came to the truth. Jason and Jake deserved that much.

Elizabeth finally looked up at Jason. She wanted to go to him and throw herself into his arms but was afraid she would never let go. She could tell by his body language he did not like what was happening. She held his gaze with hers. "Trust me." She had more to say but Ric had come upon their little group as well as several others who were curious.

Ric opened his mouth to speak but Cruz beat him to it. "Mrs. Spencer is turning herself in for perjury. The PCPD is already working with someone at the D.A.'s office regarding her plea and sentence." Jason had been looking at Cruz when he was talking but as soon as he heard the word perjury his eyes flew to Elizabeth. Ric's demeanor also changed at the word perjury but in a different way. He was having trouble making Jason pay personally for all the wrongs he caused but he could make Jason suffer by watching Elizabeth pay for helping Jason.

"Well, well, well. I can only imagine what you lied about on the stand, Elizabeth. Perjury is a serious offense and at a murder trial, no less. You'll be in prison for years. Was it worth it, Elizabeth? Is Jason Morgan worth it?" Ric's voice had been dripping venom. Elizabeth stalked up to him, her hands cuffed behind her back. In a strong and hard voice she answered him.

"I lied about Jake being Jason's son. I wasn't about to let him go to jail just because he is my son's father." It seemed as if the room gave a collective gasp. She just kept going. "Yes, I might be in prison for years. However, if I don't go to jail Jason gets to be with his son and if I do go to jail Jason gets to be with his son. It's a win-win situation. Too bad for you." She leaned in so close he leaned back to keep her from bumping into him. "Yes, it was worth it. He's always been worth it."

"As the D.A. I can assure you we will be making sure you pay for your crime," Ric's cocky voice was loud and strong. Elizabeth turned around and took a few steps away. When she turned back to face him Ric was surprised at her face. She didn't seem to be afraid or timid.

"I'm not too sure about being the D.A, that is."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ric demanded. Instead of answering him she turned to the crowd looking for someone. Finally finding her she motioned her over with a tilt of her head.

"Alexis, I think you might be able to get your job back and most likely Molly, too. Are you interested?" Alexis didn't know what was going on but if it meant she could get her little girl back she was interested.

"I'm interested, but I don't know how you're going to help me get my job back." Ric was getting agitated that they were talking about him as if he wasn't there. Before he could erupt in anger several more officers arrived and made their way to Elizabeth's table.

Ric turned to Jason and asked snidely, "Are they here for you, too?" Cruz coughed to get Ric's attention.

"They're actually here for you, Mr. Lansing. You're under arrest for accessory after the fact of attempted murder, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder of Elizabeth Lansing, now Elizabeth Spencer."

The room had gone fairly silent as soon as the officer had stepped up to Ric to handcuff him. The charges were read and confused most of the guests. Patrick was the first and nosiest to speak his mind. "What is Cruz talking about? Ric almost killed you?" His voice was incredulous. He turned and gave a dark look to Ric. Patrick turned back to Elizabeth when she answered his questions.

"Yes, Ric almost killed me. He had been sneaking birth control into my juice and I overdosed. While in the hospital I crashed due to a pulmonary embolism." Patrick was aghast.

"They had to resuscitate you? Why isn't he in jail?" Patrick was yelling by now.

Elizabeth yelled back. "Because I was stupid and naive!" She quieted some. "Because I believed he had changed! Because I was embarrassed and ashamed I went back to him after everything he had done to me and to Carly!" She turned to Ric. "You were so adamant before and during Jason's trial that he should pay for his crimes. Well, it's only fair you should pay for yours. I went to Diane, Jason's attorney, who was only too happy to help me. There were a few charges we couldn't use because the statute of limitations had run out, but the big ones will stick. I'm hoping Carly hates you more than she hates me and will testify against you. With her testimony about how you watched Faith poison me and how you poisoned me yourself and with my medical records Diane thinks we can get a conviction. In fact, if I had known I was going to be brave and press charges I would have asked Jason to decorate his cell at Pentonville just for you."

Elizabeth turned to see Lucky who had come in with Sam while Ric was being arrested. She caught his eye. "Speaking of paying for your crimes, Lucky, our marriage is over. I don't know if it's intentional or not but you seem to think you can do whatever you want and I will keep taking you back. I kept trying to make our marriage work because I promised to give my boys a home with two parents who love each other but every chance you get you damage our relationship. There's nothing left so I'm taking the boys and leaving." She turned to Sam. "He's all yours, Sam, but I would be careful if I were you. He has a problem with staying faithful."

Elizabeth turned to Cruz. He took her arm so they could leave. Lucky's voice stopped her. "He didn't want you, did he? Even though you're his son's mother he didn't want you. Being alone is what you get."

"Even though it's none of your business, Lucky, don't worry. I know exactly how Jason feels about me." She looked over to see Jason looking at her. She whispered a question to Cruz who nodded and she walked over to Jason. She stood close enough to feel his body heat and talked low enough only he could hear her. "Jason, I've decided I'm coming after you." He quirked one eyebrow and her eyes lit up. "That's right. I'm coming after you. Even if we have to argue until Jake is 30 I'm not giving up on you, on us. The answer to your question is yes. I want to try. I won't let you take it back because we have a no bailing policy." She gave him a saucy grin and started to turn away but he stopped her. He pulled her to him with one hand on her lower back and the other in her hair at the base of her neck. His mouth was on hers in an instant, claiming and loving her. She couldn't touch him with her hands cuffed behind her so she did what she could. Her body melted into his as he kissed her senseless. As involved as they were with their kiss both Jason and Elizabeth could not forget where they were so it wasn't long before they broke apart and just rested against each other. He took her face in his hands and whispered so close to her face she felt his words.

"No bailing. I'm going to get you out because I will take care of my, our, family."

"Thank you." After one more quick kiss she turned and walked back to Cruz. The next few weeks would be difficult but she wouldn't be alone and that was most important of all. She knew with Jason and her boys they could get through anything because that's what families do.
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