The Benefits of Having SPF in Moisturizer for Men

If you are someone who stays cautious about skin issues and the right ingredients to include in the skincare routine, it’s great news. But, not all men are thoughtful enough to use the right products step by step. As a result, skin cancer has become most common among young men, majorly due to unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays. 

Sunscreen is an essential skin care ingredient as it protects our skin from sun damage, prevents the early signs of aging, and reduces the risk of skin cancer. It starts working immediately after application, and the experts suggest that you should use broad-spectrum sunscreen to stay protected. But, amongst all you men out there, how many apply sunscreen daily? 

Maybe, not even 50%!

So, if you are amongst the men who forget to apply sunscreen now and then, you need to stack up a moisturizer with it from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should include moisturizer with SPF in your kit. 

  • Most sunscreens are oily and greasy, which might clog your pores and cause acne
  • Experts believe that sunscreens are not formulated according to a guy’s skin, which might be the reason behind other skin issues. 
  • A moisturizer with SPF is light, hydrating, and easy to apply. Moreover, it doesn’t form a thick layer on the face, preventing breakouts.

Advantages of using a men’s moisturizer with SPF

No greasy or oily skin

Most sunscreens contain a chemical ingredient in the top layer of your skin, making it feel greasy and clogged. And, when the pores get clogged, it results in breakouts in both oily and normal skin types. 

In this context, a moisturizer with SPF is lightweight, and it gets easily absorbed by the skin. As a result, the moisturizer hydrates the skin, gives it a nourished finish, and also protects your skin from the harmful sun. 

Blocks harmful UV rays

Sun’s UV rays are extremely harmful to our skin and could cause multiple skin disorders. In addition, unprotected exposure to UV radiation can result in DNA damage and genetic mutations, which can also cause skin cancer. 

Besides, UV rays can also result in hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and freckles. 

To protect the skin from harmful UV rays, you’ll need a moisturizer with the right amount of SPF. Experts suggest keeping the SPF moderate so that the skin can absorb the necessary vitamin D levels from the sun’s rays without getting damaged. 

Generally, men should go for a moisturizer with SPF 15-20. Although, this spectrum is good enough to keep your skin protected while you perform everyday activities outdoors. But, you must ensure not to spend extra hours under the sun’s rays. 

However, if you have to do so, consider wearing a hat to stay under shade. 

Keeps skin healthy

Unprotected exposure to UV rays can result in dry, dull, and wrinkled skin. As a result, your skin would appear tired and aged. Moisturizers with SPF help remove premature signs of aging while protecting the skin against sun damage. 

Moisturizers for men are formulated to penetrate the top layer of the skin, which nourishes the skin more efficiently. 

Apply and forget it

It isn’t new that most men prefer keeping their skincare routine simple. With layers to put, men would usually forget half of the steps. But, this isn’t the case with moisturizers that have SPF. 

So, if you want to follow a skincare routine that isn’t complicated, use a moisturizer with SPF. 

Besides, experts suggest that you should apply sunscreen every two hours, and this isn’t the requirement with moisturizers. So, the process again gets simple here as you don’t have to apply your moisturizer this frequently.     

Developed for men

Men's skin is different compared to women's, so men need different skincare products. However, sunscreens are broadly manufactured, keeping women's skin in mind, which is why many sunscreens might not deliver an impactful result.  

Men have thicker skin, and a men's moisturizer with SPF would deliver the best results. 

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