Oh So Gentle - Sensitive Skin


Hydrating Oat PHA Cleanser (120ml) + Squalane Ceramide Moisturiser (50ml)

A duo that's curated especially to soothe sensitive skin and provide the nourishment it needs. The cleanser gently cleans the skin and the moisturiser enables your skin barrier, which helps in keeping your skin hydrated.

Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

✔ Gentle Cleanser
✔ Mild Exfoliation
✔ Keeps Skin Soft & Supple
✔ Moisturizes & Nourishes skin
✔ Easily absorbing
✔ Light-weight
✔ Reduces Redness


Hydrating Oat PHA Cleanser

✔ 4% PHA - Exfoliates, Keeps Skin-Barrier Intact, Makes Skin Smooth & Even
✔ Panthenol: Reduces Dryness & Flakiness on the Skin
✔ Colloidal Oat: Reduces Itching & Irritation, Soothes Skin

Squalane Ceramide Moisturiser

✔ 2.5% Ceramide Complex: Deep Nourishment & Moisturizes Skin
✔Squalane: Maintains hydration and keeps Skin Soft & Supple

How to use

  • Use Hydrationg Oat PHA cleanser to rinse and exfoliate
  • After apply 1-2 pumps of the squalane ceramide moisturizer
  • Can be used AM + PM