Gentle Facewash

Centella Green Tea Facewash

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Hydrating & Soothing for all skin types

An effective cleanser that hydrates & soothes your skin. This cleanser provides antioxidants and keeps your skin barrier intact without drying your skin.


✔ Hydrating & Soothing Cleanser
✔ Leaves skin soft
✔ Gently dissolves makeup
✔ Cleanses impurities
✔ Enriches skin with Antioxidants
✔ Non-Drying & Non- Irritating


✔ Centella Asiatica - Soothes & Moisturizes, infuse skin with antioxidants
✔ Green Tea - Relieves red & irritated skin
✔ Panthenol - Calms inflammation
✔ Glycerin - Hydrates skin

Key Highlights

Skin Type - Oily, Combination, Normal, Acne-prone
Skin Concerns - Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Irritating Skin
✔ Safe during pregnancy & lactation period
✔ Unscented is Essential oil-Free, Fragrance-Free
✔ Cruelty-Free
✔ PH - 6

 How to use

  • Take a small amount and gently massage over the damp face in a circular motion. Rinse it with water
  • Can be used after Squalane Cleansing Oil for a double cleanse