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Hydrating Oat PHA Cleanser(120ml) + Rosehip Moisturiser (50ml)

When the T-zone is oily and the rest of the face needs hydration, this duo helps you tackle both at the same time.

Skin Type: Combination Skin

✔ Hydrates & Nourishes skin
✔ Reinforces Skin-Barrier
✔ Gentle Cleanser
✔ Mild Exfoliation
✔ Resists Premature Aging Signs


Rosehip Moisturiser

✔ Green Tea: Reduces Inflammation & Soothes Irritation
✔ 3% Niacinamide:  Brightens & Regulates Sebum Production
✔ Rosehip oil: Hydrates thoroughly & Softens Skin

Hydrating Oat PHA Cleanser

✔ 4% PHA - Exfoliates, Keeps Skin-Barrier Intact, Makes Skin Smooth & Even
✔ Panthenol: Reduces Dryness & Flakiness on the Skin
✔ Colloidal Oat: Reduces Itching & Irritation, Soothes Skin

How to use?

  • Use Hydrating Oat PHA cleanser to rinse and exfoliate
  • After apply generous amount of Rosehip Moisturiser
  • Can be used AM + PM