Azelaic + Niacinamide serum

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For Acne, oil control & brightening

This is one powerful serum for multiple skin concerns. A lightweight water-based serum for brightening, acne control, and calming redness of the skin.


✔Controls Oil Production
✔Reduces Hyperpigmentation
✔Minimizes Acne
✔Removes Dark Spots
✔Controls and Reduces Blemishes
✔Reduces Rosacea Redness

Key Highlights 

✔Skin Types: Oily, Dry, Combination, Aging, Sensitive
✔Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation, Excessive Oil, Sebum Production, Acne-Blemishes
✔PH: 5
✔Essential oil-Free, Fragrance-Free
✔Safe during pregnancy & lactation period


✔5% Glycinated Azelaic Acid: Prevents Acne & Treats Rosacea
✔5% Niacinamide: Refines Pores & Regulates Sebum Production
✔Panthenol: Reduces Dryness & Flakiness on the Skin
✔Centella: Moisturizes & Soothes Skin

How to use

  • Apply 2-3 drops before moisturiser
  • If your skin is Dehydrated, use a rich moisturiser.